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Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Sublime - Layers Theme Apk Free Download for Android

Sublime - Layers Theme Apk For Android


• This Concept does not assistance CM Concept motor. Your ROM must have assistance of Layers/RRO and Based to be able to overlay customer interface.
• Concept was examined on: Nexus 6 and One Plus One. However, should be functioning effectively on other gadgets. Please let me know if a drawable(ie:icon) is horrible, so I can fix your problem.
• Questions? Check out here:

Overlayed Applications:

Google Messenger
Google Keep
Google Inbox
Google +
Google Keyboard
Desk clock
Play Store
Google Perform Music
MMS(Green Symbol not the mild red one)

Install Instructions:
• Must have Levels Administrator downloadable from Perform Shop.
01: Set up Sublime
02: Start Application
03: Hit "Sublime" on button
• Cellphone should open Levels Administrator Apk now.
• Requires a couple of a few moments.
04: Media "Layers Installer".
05: Identify listing known as "Overlays".
06: Choose
• Requires a few seconds
• If you see "Your direction will appear here".
- Media "Select Part to Install".
- Identify in "Overlays" listing.
- You should now see "" above with listing before it.
07: Media "Install Selected Layer"
08: Reboot
09: Profit! Appreciate :) 

Screenshots :

Sublime - Layers Theme - screenshot thumbnail 
Sublime - Layers Theme - screenshot thumbnail 
Sublime - Layers Theme - screenshot thumbnail 

Download Link :

Monday, 6 April 2015

Lollipop Launcher Plus Apk Free Download For Android

Lollipop Launcher Plus Apk For Android

Cover art 

Simple, extremely effective, quick and extremely personalized house alternative, depending on Android operating system 5.0 Lollipop Launcher.

IMPORTANT: This is just a certificate key to open up the Plus functions in Lollipop Launcher. You must have Lollipop Launcher(free) set up on your system.

Plus Features (Need Lollipop Launcher Plus):
* Files in drawer
* Unread depend notices for contact, sms, googlemail and other apps
* Customizable notice logo color
* More pc gestures: Touch in/out, Two Hand Run and Double-tap
* All symbol Run up/down gestures
* Assistance Go Launcher symbol pack
* More conversion effects
* Icons overlapping
* Other improvement and personalization options

After setting up this app, please reboot Lollipop Launcher (Launcher configurations > Restart Launcher) and you should be operating Lollipop Launcher Plus.


Lollipop Launcher Plus - screenshot thumbnail 
Lollipop Launcher Plus - screenshot thumbnail 
Download Link :

Sunday, 5 April 2015

Monntage: MLG Editor Apk Free Download For Android

Monntage: MLG Editor For Android

Cover art 

- Monntage is the first Android operating system app to modify your images to MLG
- You can create out awesome memes if you want and discuss it with your friends

4 ma m8's:

- Monntage iz da 1st quickscoper's app. Itz going to rekt ur scrubs

U can:

• Quickscope with ur cam
• Eat doreito, trickshot ur m8s
• Eliminate tha loominadey


• Start your images from your collection or take a new one from your camera
• Add extra MLG decals to your picture and re-size like you want
( Figures,accessories explosions, quickscopes etc.)
• Provide your pic several results to create your pic different
• Select what you want from plenty of modifying option
• Preserve your MLG picture on your sd cards or discuss it on public network

Thanks to all ma dank m8's. I wish you enjoy!

If u cri evritiem, don8 m8

1 obtain = 1 sad violin 

Screenshots :

Monntage: MLG Editor - screenshot thumbnail 
Monntage: MLG Editor - screenshot thumbnail 

Download Link :

Digital Weight Scale PRO Apk Free Download For Android

Digital Weight Scale PRO For Android

Cover art 

Have you ever needed a actual electronic range ?

You should try Digital Bodyweight Scale PRO

Digital Bodyweight Scale PRO uses unit's built-in gyroscope to measure difference due to putting an item on the cellular phone and forecasts its think about using mathematical equations. Unique with a weight of and variation reduction methods called G Ideal Technology ® provide unmatched outcomes reliability.

Digital Bodyweight Scale PRO is a with a weight of range app for all gadgets. This is actual electronic range cellular app, its not a laugh. The electronic cellular range works well on all Android operating system gadgets. It's ideal for calculating weight of tiny problems, with a weight of few grms like money, gold, gold or herbs. If you think about tiny problems often this cellular range app is ideal for you. If guidelines are followed actions are the same as on actual electronic range.

Install this cellular electronic range app and forget about your regular range system.
You will have one always in your pocket, wherever and whenever you need it most.

Digital Bodyweight Scale PRO features:
- outcomes reliability higher than in any other electronic range app on the market
- genuine range design
- user-friendly tutorial
- advanced configurations enabling customer to find app set-up which packages best their personal preferences 
Digital Weight Scale PRO - screenshot thumbnail 
Digital Weight Scale PRO - screenshot thumbnail 

Download Link:

Friday, 3 April 2015

Nature Live: Spring Flowers XL Apk Free Download For Android

Nature Live: Spring Flowers XL For Android

Cover art 

Incredibly cartoon 3D Springtime Blossoms Stay Wallpapers with a amazing 3D parallax effect!

Try before you buy: 100 % free Edition available here:

Features in this version:
☀ Amazing 3D field of wonderful spring flowers
☀ A soothing breeze is rustling through the leaves
☀ Select from 9 wonderful qualifications pictures of wonderful spring scenery
☀ Merge the qualifications with 6 different forefront scenes
☀ Actual powerful lens cloud effect!
☀ Amazing 3D Parallax Impact using sensors: performs with gyroscope OR accelerometer / compass
☀ Parallax durability and indicator kind (gyroscope or accelerometer / compass) can be adjusted
☀ HD quality designs, created for pills (but performs on mobile phones as well, of course)!
☀ Great Performance: Maximum FPS! (at least on the Universe S4/S5, Nexus and even on the old LG P920 ;-)
☀ It's 100% ad-free! No needless authorizations required! :-)

This is the XL-Version of the Characteristics Live: Springtime Blossoms 3D live wallpaper. If you want to try the Free-Version first, please have a look at our other applications.

Hint: Try it once with one eye shut while watching the live wallpaper. It's amazing but then the 3D effect is even more amazing.

Oh and one more thing: Please don't ignore to go out and appreciate some real spring flowers from a chance to time!

OK. That's all. Have fun with it :-) 

Screenshots :

Nature Live: Spring Flowers XL - screenshot thumbnail 
Nature Live: Spring Flowers XL - screenshot thumbnail 

Download link :

Dragon War - Origin Apk Free Download For Android

Dragon War - Origin For Android

Cover art 

Time restricted provide 80%off!! [until 12/4]

Dragon War is a traditional dream SLG .No system ,No IAP.
You can appreciate a basically individual activity.
It is basically but not simple.


★Internal Event program -
Develop your kingdom?
Find the value or fulfill a talent?
that your select.

★Real time war map program -
real time communicate with other town .
Fight or Evade ?
make your choice at this time.

★Real time battle program -
you are the leader of the war
.Change the outcome with your every opinion.

★Rich content-
7 different abilities for your choose
over 45 places let you develop your kingdom
over 200 characters are awaiting you
Enjoy the Monster War globe in different way ,write your own tale.

In the stories , there have a overall energy on the globe - Mythical beasts .Who get the energy ,who will be the master around the globe .But no one know the terrible outcome .100 season ago ,the master of Amer Empire look for the dragon energy .He eliminate a town simple as destroy an ant .Not lots of your energy and effort ,he become the master around the globe ,but when he reverse ,he can only see black & deceased .Nothing keep on the globe .He awaken ,but too delayed .He cover up the dragon energy ,and destroy him self .After that ,no one can discover it out .
After 100 decades ,peace was came and gone .Every one question the other cover up the energy .Someone want to eliminate it ,someone want to discover it ,someone want to own it .But the most individuals think ,it is a excellent reason to have a war.Anyway ,the war was started.... 


Dragon War - Origin - screenshot thumbnail 

Dragon War - Origin - screenshot thumbnail 

Download Link :

LexTwerkOut Apk Free Download For Android

LexTwerkOut For Android

Cover art 
Welcome to LexTwerkout's android operating system app !

Twerk Expert Lexy Panterra and Superstar Performer Christina Milian have joined up to carry you the LexTwerkOut App. As seen on E! and Fox's The Actual, Lex reveals you how to Twerk it Out! Begin off with her trademark methods and once you have them perfected hop on over to the routines!!

"I want to offer an unique, contemporary, attractive, fun exercise that's just as effective as conventional aerobic and deadlifting. Lex Twerkout is developed to not only help you achieve the actual outcomes you've been expecting for, but also gives you a increase of assurance where you may end up changing the phrase attractive. After all, it's not about your bodyweight but how you're developed. Lex TwerkOut is all about convenience and exclusivity, when you come and perform out with me you will experience as if you were house dance with your girls!" - Lexy Panterra 

screenshots :

LexTwerkOut - screenshot thumbnail 
LexTwerkOut - screenshot thumbnail
LexTwerkOut - screenshot thumbnail 

Download link:

Upbeat Monsters Icon Pack APK Free Download For Android

Upbeat Monsters Icon Pack For Android

Cover art 
Please take also a look at the "Notice" at the end of this information before buying

Now presented on Android operating program Police:

Upbeat Creatures is a new eye sweets symbol package for customized launchers that try to carry an exclusive encounter to your homescreen.
Instead of concentrating on theming million of symbols that look like the genuine ones it provides over 130 high-res new colorfull symbols developed only for android that will provide new lifestyle to your interface and protect the most used applications. More symbols will be included with upcoming updates!
Everything was hand made with care: none of the unique symbols resource was recycled here and even the few logo used were regenerated in vector style.

130+ Icons (73 exclusive style, 55 difference or recolor, 11 generic)
192x192px XXXDPI sharp great quality
5 simple wallpapers

It is suggested to modify symbol dimension to 110 or 120 % in your launcher configurations (but individual flavor is engaged here).

Compatible with:
(if you have problems implementing the concept from the program dash panel you should try from your launcher settings)

Nova Launcher
Apex Launcher
Aviate Launcher
Smart Launcher
GO Launcher
ADW Launcher
Action Launcher
Holo Launcher
Themer [ No immediate install: implement it from Themer Settings->Manage App Drawer->Icon Pack]
KK Launcher [ No immediate install: implement it from KK Settings->Theme and UI->Icon Pack->Installed]

There is a know bug when the program dash panel installation software may accident if used on a Product while in scenery mode: you can either begin the program and implement the concept while in image method or implement it from your launcher configurations.

The regularity of up-dates is determined by the revenue : if you like this concept discuss it with your buddies to help it to develop and improve the variety of symbols available!

List of currently avaible icons:


A) These symbols are developed with plenty of little information for which they perform best with a high-resolution show (like 1280X720 for a 5" intelligent phone or 1980X1020 for a 10" tablet).
Lower solutions are reinforced but you may observe a lack of sharpness.

B) While upcoming up-dates are organized this is not intended to be a complete program alternative.
It does not function 1000+ symbols because we select creativeness rather than abundance: you may have to cope with little irritation, like modifying some symbols personally or using "generic" symbols offered (in most launcher lengthy pushing on an app in your homescreen carry up a selection for this).

The icons revealed on screenshots are "Zooper by BEARD 2" and "Retro Zooper Skins":they are NOT a development of my own. 

Screenshots :

Upbeat Monsters Icon Pack - screenshot thumbnail 
Upbeat Monsters Icon Pack - screenshot thumbnail

Download Link :

Thursday, 2 April 2015

Prison Break: Lockdown Apk Free Download For Android

Prison Break: Lockdown For Android

Cover art 

You have been sentenced to loss of life for killing. However, only you know you did not make the criminal activity. Fix the questions, discover the invisible things, operate the criminals and security officers, use your abilities and do whatever it requires to evade, and maybe then you'll get a opportunity to confirm your purity.

↗ An obsessive jail evade game!
↗ Great, complicated and fun puzzles!
↗ Hidden things, hair & important factors and more difficulties await!
↗ Addictive small puzzles!
↗ Stunning design and different designed rooms!
↗ Easy and fun to play!  


Prison Break: Lockdown - screenshot thumbnail 
Prison Break: Lockdown - screenshot thumbnail 

Download Link :

Booster - Speed Cleaner Pro Apk Free Download For Android

Booster - Speed Cleaner Pro For Android

Cover art 

Rate Enhancer - Expert Better - is a a breeze Android operating system Rate Enhancer & Cellphone Better. With this app, you can increase your phone speed by cleaning storage of your Android operating system phone and preserve battery! This app contains Memory Better (Speed Booster), Junk/Cache Better, Activity Rate Enhancer, Web browser and Search engines Perform Look for Record Better, Contact & SMS Record cleaner, and App Administrator to handle installed/pre-installed applications. This Rate Enhancer can increase up your phone by 60-80% if propery used. Enjoy this decorative app, it's extremely easy!


Cleans up Memory & Trash information to increase your phone in regular of 60-80% quicker. Simply tap "OPTIMIZE" button to increase your phone and it can even preserve battery! Indicates your storage speed with amount.

By completing irrelevant applications & procedures for playing game, your phone will be enhanced for your game play. By regular we are able to increase your game by 20%!

Apps will fresh up your junk and storage cache information for better phone performance & hard drive space!

Clean up your Search engines Perform Look for Record & Web browser history! Downloadable information manager included as we ll to remove outdated information.

Clean up any preferred Contact & SMS history one by one, or remove all of the Call/SMS/Text history in one-tap

Manage your installed/pre-installed applications with very simple app manager.

Access your game booster function from desltop gadget.

7-in-1 application! Includes Rate Enhancer, Activity Enhancer, Junk/Cache Better, Look for Record Better, Contact & SMS Written text Better, App Administrator, and Activity Enhancer Widget! Rate Enhancer - Expert Better - will be perfect for every day use and increase up your phone & preserve battery! 

Screenshots :

Booster - Speed Cleaner Pro - screenshot thumbnail 

Booster - Speed Cleaner Pro - screenshot thumbnail Booster - Speed Cleaner Pro - screenshot thumbnail 

Download Link :

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Easter 3D Live Wallpaper Apk Free Download For Android

Easter 3D Live Wallpaper Apk For Android

Cover art 

One of the most awesome Easter time 3D stay picture on Search engines Perform for your cellphone or tablet! Completely 3d animated situation will provide you great Easter time vacations feelings and complete your cellphone with stunning colors!
8 different cameras and personalization configurations available.
If you want to keep modified, keep your recommendations or demands or just "Like" check out me at Facebook
Easter 3D Live Wallpapers made with OPEN GL 2.0 and enhanced to eat low sources and also not to strain your battery power.
Installation: The primary display (long press) → Live Wallpapers →Easter 3D Live Wallpaper
Please, rate!
On some gadgets the first running can be a little bit slowly, just give it 30 seconds.

Screenshots :

Easter 3D Live Wallpaper - screenshot thumbnailEaster 3D Live Wallpaper - screenshot thumbnail 

Download Link :

Tuesday, 31 March 2015

whatsapp with calling feature updated apk 2.12.19 Latest version

Whatsapp with Calling Feature Updated Apk 2.12.19 Latest version Free Download

 Cover art

Description :

WhatsApp Courier is a smart phone messenger available for Android operating system and other mobile phones. WhatsApp uses your 3G or WiFi (when available) to concept with loved ones. Change from SMS to WhatsApp to deliver and get information, images, sound notices, and movie information. First season FREE! ($0.99 USD/year after)


★ NO HIDDEN COST: Once you and your friends obtain the program, you can use it to talk as much as you want. Send a thousand information a day to your friends for free! WhatsApp uses your Online connection: 3G/EDGE or Wi-Fi when available.

★ MULTIMEDIA: Send Video, Pictures, and Speech notices to your friends and connections.

★ GROUP CHAT: Appreciate group discussions with your connections.

★ NO INTERNATIONAL CHARGES: Just like there is no included price to deliver a worldwide e-mail, there is no price to deliver WhatsApp information worldwide. Speak to your friends all over the globe provided that they have WhatsApp Courier set up and prevent those annoying international SMS expenses.

Answer To How To Enable Whatsapp Calling Feature

★ SAY NO TO PINS AND USERNAMES: Why even hassle having to keep in mind yet another PIN or username? WhatsApp performs with your contact variety, just like SMS would, and combines perfectly with your current cellphone deal with guide.

★ NO NEED TO LOG IN/OUT: No more misunderstandings about getting signed off from another pc or system. With force notices WhatsApp is ALWAYS ON and ALWAYS CONNECTED.

★ NO NEED TO ADD BUDDIES: Your Address Book is used to instantly link you with your connections. Your connections who already have WhatsApp Courier will be instantly shown.

★ OFFLINE MESSAGES: Even if you skip your force notices or convert off your cellphone, WhatsApp will preserve your information offline until you recover them during the next program use.

★ AND MUCH MORE: Discuss place, Return connections, Customized wallpapers, Customized notice appears to be, Panoramic method, Accurate concept time postage stamps, Email talk record, Transmitted information and MMS to many connections at once and much much more! 

Current Update :

Supports Whatsapp calling 
Hide privacy And Many More

Screenshots :

Download Link :