Sunday, 5 April 2015

Monntage: MLG Editor Apk Free Download For Android

Monntage: MLG Editor For Android

Cover art 

- Monntage is the first Android operating system app to modify your images to MLG
- You can create out awesome memes if you want and discuss it with your friends

4 ma m8's:

- Monntage iz da 1st quickscoper's app. Itz going to rekt ur scrubs

U can:

• Quickscope with ur cam
• Eat doreito, trickshot ur m8s
• Eliminate tha loominadey


• Start your images from your collection or take a new one from your camera
• Add extra MLG decals to your picture and re-size like you want
( Figures,accessories explosions, quickscopes etc.)
• Provide your pic several results to create your pic different
• Select what you want from plenty of modifying option
• Preserve your MLG picture on your sd cards or discuss it on public network

Thanks to all ma dank m8's. I wish you enjoy!

If u cri evritiem, don8 m8

1 obtain = 1 sad violin 

Screenshots :

Monntage: MLG Editor - screenshot thumbnail 
Monntage: MLG Editor - screenshot thumbnail 

Download Link :

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