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Monday, 3 February 2014

Pytho RAT v1.5 Free Download

Download Pytho RAT v1.5




-Screen Capture
-Plugin Support
-Online Keylogger
-Offline Keylogger
-Remote Shell
-Broadcast Command
-Lightweight serve-80kb
-Self Hide
-Secure Connection
-Melt and FWB++

Download Link:

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

How To Setup Java Drive BY [JDB]

 This Tutorial Is About How To Setup Java Drive BY JDB

Just Follow Some Simple Steps

Step 1 go to

Then we click on "create a account"
Then we are going to click on "create a domain"

After that head to checkout you will go to a" log-in or create a account page"

Create a account and remember to use valid info

After you create your account you will go to this page, Click on "Go to My Account"

Then click on "My Domains"

Now click on "Manage"

Now click on "Name server Setup and put the following

nameserver1:- NS1.XTREEMHOST.COM
nameserver2:- NS2.XTREEMHOST.COM

Then click update

[Image: 25666081.png]

Now that that's all done you can go back to xtreemhost and put your new domain in the blank *note don't put at the end like I did*

You will then fill out your account for xtreemhost, then if you filled it in correctly you should get a page that has a "click me to continue" button
Now it will make you type in a captha code, after that it will say email sent to (your email)

Click the activation link in your email (It will take you to a page with all of your passwords) (save the page of passwords) then click "log into Vista Panel"

[Image: 54880878.png]

Now You Will See The Vista Panel Login Just Login In To It Using Your Login Details

[Image: 65135620.png]

Now go to control panel then "Online file management"
Now under File management click "Online file manager"

[Image: 29560966.png]

There you should see your Domain you registered "Whateveryoursiteis" Now open it 

[Image: 37319361.png]

In that file you should see "htdocs" click it

[Image: 20189774.png]
Now put all of your Java drive-by files here(in htdoc)

So remember its "Online file manager<<htdocs<JavaDrive-ByFiles

[Image: 69403456.png]

Good job your main site is up , but there are a few importent tips you need to learn before you can say your done.

TIP-1. You cant upload .exe files on xtreemhost, you need to use a site like or


TIP-2. Dont go to your site from Vista Panel type to go to it and see how it looks ect.

Enjoy Hacking

Credits HF

Friday, 23 August 2013

jrat setup full tutorial

The way to Setup jRAT

Howdy people, that is a short training on what to create your RAT jRAT.

get no-ip DUC right here http: //www. noip. com/downloads. php? page=win

Start off when you go to no-ip. com
Register, along with from then on, click on the huge key that affirms 'Add Host'

Name your sponsor anything you wish, on the discipline near to the item, scroll and select no-ip. biz or else it doesn't work. Miss devices along with increase your own sponsor.

Right now wide open your no-ip DUC anyone delivered electronically, register along with watch for your own owners show up. When they appear click on the verify container near to your sponsor you want. It will have textual content at the end expressing it is often updated. You might be carried out today carried out with No-IP!

Rat Setup
Primary, you have to get jRAT via.

Acquire it with a folder, does not make any difference where by.
Double just click manage. softball bat as well as the client will start. A few errors may seem, simply overlook all of them.
Visit the 'Build' tabs and also click on 'Advanced build'
With this level in, comply with this pictures under:

[Image: picture12.png]

[Image: picture13.png]

[Image: picture14.png]

[Image: picture15.png]

Congrats, jRAT is now setup, enjoy!


Monday, 12 August 2013

how to hack android phones using androrat

How To Hack Android Phones Using AndroRat Tutorial


Android Developer Tools ( download from: Here )
-Java runtime installed (download from here)
-AndroRAT source (download  Androrat )
-Some basic java knowledge is recommened but not required

Initial Setup:

Download the developer tools, extract and run extracted_folder\eclipse\eclipse.exe


First we will prepare the SDK to compile this one. The SDK came with the basic tools and libraries, but we need to download more packs to compile AndroRAT. In eclipse, click:
-Android SDK Manager

This should open:

I checked the Android App and it needs API level 2.2.
Its the minimum requirement, it will run in GingerBread 2.2 and up! (2.3, HC, ICS, JB)


and click on install packages, accept anything that pops up, and wait for the download to finish. You might need to relaunch eclipse if you already openned it.

Now go to

And select this:

On the new window, click browse and select this:

And click OK, this should appear:

notice that i witout a doubt examined the particular task inside screenshot, accomplish the same after you occur to this point.

Today press finish off and it also will certainly load the particular task into eclipse. (the task title is usually LauncherActivity )

Today, you can put together this kind of app without troubles, but it will certainly consult an individual upon startup company (when set up around the cell phone in addition to launched) for your IP adress of this server (your NO-IP coordinator as you will certainly disguise powering i always assume). BUUUUT in which wouldnt always be most of a brilliant technique rat at this point, wouldn't it? Most of us can change this kind of source afterwards to generate it automaticly configure by itself upon startup company in addition to go to background (I will certainly increase in which upon a later date seeing that Im the android os builder who has a lot to complete these days in addition to as soon as When i finish off my next landmark I'll up-date this)

You can press this kind of option shown around the impression to put together the particular apk (when asked seeing that what you should put together it, pick out Android os Application).

Note: the apk will be located in the bin folder inside the project folder!

Ok now lets compile the server

click on:

Now select this since this is an app for PC

Again, click on browse when the new window shows up, and select this:

The folder selected is AndroRat server in the src folder found inside the source archive downloaded from github.
Thats the java app which I already compile and is available on HF, but you will want to do it yourself later on as new versions come out.

Again, we have this screen, just tick the project and click on finish:

but what is that :o

it shows an error on the project! Well lets take a look...

Right click on the project folder (in eclipse, the icon with the " ! " sign)
and on the new window select this on the left side:

and change to the tab from the screenshot (Libraries)

Now we see the culprit who caused the errors! Those libraries with the "x" mark arent found by eclipse, so we will delete them.
Select them all and click on "Remove" (on the right of the window)

Ok but this didnt solve much as the project still needs those libraries. Now we will load them. On the same window click this:

Navigate to here: (androrat-master\src\api)