How To Setup Java Drive BY [JDB]

 This Tutorial Is About How To Setup Java Drive BY JDB

Just Follow Some Simple Steps

Step 1 go to

Then we click on "create a account"
Then we are going to click on "create a domain"

After that head to checkout you will go to a" log-in or create a account page"

Create a account and remember to use valid info

After you create your account you will go to this page, Click on "Go to My Account"

Then click on "My Domains"

Now click on "Manage"

Now click on "Name server Setup and put the following

nameserver1:- NS1.XTREEMHOST.COM
nameserver2:- NS2.XTREEMHOST.COM

Then click update

[Image: 25666081.png]

Now that that's all done you can go back to xtreemhost and put your new domain in the blank *note don't put at the end like I did*

You will then fill out your account for xtreemhost, then if you filled it in correctly you should get a page that has a "click me to continue" button
Now it will make you type in a captha code, after that it will say email sent to (your email)

Click the activation link in your email (It will take you to a page with all of your passwords) (save the page of passwords) then click "log into Vista Panel"

[Image: 54880878.png]

Now You Will See The Vista Panel Login Just Login In To It Using Your Login Details

[Image: 65135620.png]

Now go to control panel then "Online file management"
Now under File management click "Online file manager"

[Image: 29560966.png]

There you should see your Domain you registered "Whateveryoursiteis" Now open it 

[Image: 37319361.png]

In that file you should see "htdocs" click it

[Image: 20189774.png]
Now put all of your Java drive-by files here(in htdoc)

So remember its "Online file manager<<htdocs<JavaDrive-ByFiles

[Image: 69403456.png]

Good job your main site is up , but there are a few importent tips you need to learn before you can say your done.

TIP-1. You cant upload .exe files on xtreemhost, you need to use a site like or


TIP-2. Dont go to your site from Vista Panel type to go to it and see how it looks ect.

Enjoy Hacking

Credits HF

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