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Friday, 4 March 2016


System ID is amazing APK for all smart-phone and android operating system gadgets and this popular App is created by Evozi. Now this fantastic Apk support you to know  device ID of you product,smart-phone and android operating system device. device id apk really is easy App first you can obtain this App on your android operating system device then lunchtime it  .Device ID show the ID and some of details about your gadgets and this awesome APK has more amazing and useful functions which are as below .


Main Internet browser APK is a popular computer file administrator Based App for all android operating system gadgets,tablets and all of smart-phones and this amazing App is created by ((J Rummy Applications Inc)) Now Main browser APK allow you to surf all of your gadgets internet  system information on your deices. Now you wish to obtain Main Internet browser APK on your gadgets then you can free and quickly downloadable this great APK on your gadgets from of given weblink of below web page .Root browser APK has other useful functions which are as below now.

Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Advanced Download Manager Pro Apk 5.1.1 build 51144 For Android

Fleksy is the quickest key-board in the globe. Brilliant and exquisite composing, so relaxed you can even kind without looking. Try the key-board that split the GUINNESS WORLD RECORD for quickest composing (May 2014), FREE for 1 month.

★ “It made me change from Swiftkey and Swype… So quick, easy and efficient.”
★ “Emojis work great on Facebook or myspace and Twitter!”
★ “…killer written text forecast that in concert with with even the sloppiest of composing.” –

Enjoy over 600 emoji in the side of your side. (Works with Whatsapp/ Facebook or myspace Messenger/ Snapchat/ Tweets and all your favs)

Express yourself and your design by modifying your key-board. Experience like modifying things up a little? Improve your theme! Discover some of Fleksy’s vibrant, wonderful colors and key-board designs.

Wrong letter? Poor typing? No Problem! Fleksy will know what term you intended to kind even if you mis-type every correspondence. This intelligent key-board doesn’t just look at the characters you media, it looks at the design you tap to comprehend you intended to kind. Type effectively, kind beyond forecast.

Tired of pushing backspace? Run remaining anywhere for high quick word-by-word remove. Incorrect autocorrect? Just swipe down anywhere to modify the word! Fleksy’s actions increase composing rate and convenience, making composing as easy as on your notebook.

Personalize Fleksy to fulfill your display area needs with several structure choices. Fleksy’s action program allows you to reduce the key-board or even make it unseen and see 100% of your display.

Track your statistics, expert composing without looking and discuss your success through My Badges! Gather 30 badges like “Invisible Master”, “Dash Swiper”, and “King of Keyboards” to open up new designs and increase your free Fleksy test.

Fleksy adapts further to your way with words through My Fleksy Reasoning support. Educate Fleksy how you're posting by connecting your e-mail and public networking sites, then back-up and synchronize easily across your gadgets.


• English (US)
• English (UK)
• English (AU)
• English (CA)
• Spanish (ES)
• Spanish (US)
• Spanish (Latin United states Spanish)
• Portuguese (BR)
• French
• French (CA)
• German
• Italian
• Arabic
• Hungarian
• Dutch
• Portuguese
• Slovakian
• Swedish
• Turkish
• Czech
• Russian
• Bulgarian
• Danish
• Greek
• Malaysian
• Macedonian
• Romanian
• Catalan
• Estonian
• Hebrew
• Croatian
• Lithuanian
• Latvian
• Norwegian
• Slovenian
• Albanian
• Serbian
• Tagalog

Vote for your terminology at
Languages with the most ballots will launch faster!
Based on your reviews we’re operating on:
• Bahasa Indonesia
• Polish

Set to your preference: QWERTY, AZERTY, QWERTZ, even DVORAK or Colemak, Fleksy facilitates them all.

Fleksy does not collect any individual information without your precise authorization. We take convenience very seriously.
The caution concept that says Fleksy may be able to gather “all the written written text you kind, such as individual information like security passwords and bank cards numbers” is a component of the Android operating system os that seems to be when any 3rd celebration key-board is allowed.

Happy Typing!

Join Fleksy Try out – Be an element of our Try out to get new 'languages' and functions first:
Technical Assistance – Go to for technical support team.
Press – If you are in the media, send us an e-mail at

Sunday, 28 February 2016

Truecaller Premium MOD APK For Android [LATEST]

Features of this application:

Truecaller gives the time to look for past your phone directory, differentiate unknown nearing phone calls, piece phone calls you would like not to get, and reach suggestions see how to avoid of time and position – so you never need to go away the management to identify the right get in touch with.

* See who is looking on the off opportunity that you don’t have their variety in your phonebook
* Prevent unwanted phone calls from junk visitors and telemarketers
* Look for several in the world to see who it has an area with
* You can now copy a variety anywhere (e.g. site or applications) and Truecaller will tell you who it has an area with
* Create get in touch with with people by means of name desire (Premium element)
* Tweets update and Follow a man on Tweets particularly from Truecaller
* Yelp! sychronisation for faster business question items
* + more components to help make your phone more intelligent
Truecaller NEVER exchanges your phone directory to ensure it is retrieveable or open. 3G or WIFI is required for Truecaller Owner ID to work. Manager expenses might apply.

NOTE: The rectangle content factor is as of now not supported for devices with Android operating system 4.4 (KitKat)

Components of this mod:

• Fees are actuated as a matter of course.
• As it is top quality, it gives extra components, for example, obstructed ads,search people by titles, see who saw your profile
• Choose between Dark/Light Concept (Original App has mild topic)
• In-App updater of involved for future MOD upgrades
Note: Fees are actuated in your phone not in web servers so server side top quality components won’t build up.

How To Install?

Download from link given
Install and LOGIN

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

IR Universal Remote + WiFi Pro Free Download For Android

IR Universal Remote + WiFi Pro

IR Worldwide Remote™ changes your cellphone into a actual universal distant operator. Use your cell phone's designed in IR Blaster to manage infra-red gadgets such as your TV, Wire Box, Satellite tv Recipient, Packages Gamer, Audio Bar, DVD Gamer, Activity System, DVR, and more! Don't have an IR Blaster? No problem! IR Worldwide Remote also has intelligent distant system abilities. Completely eliminate the LG Smart TV, WebOS, New samsung Smart TV, and Roku over WiFi and throw your selected images, movie clips, and songs to Chromecast, Console One, Android operating system TV, Flame TV, and Roku. There are many reinforced producer designs with millions of IR distant requirements. Over 1,000,000+ reinforced gadgets and growing! New products being included every day. Whether you need a TV distant operator or a way to flow your movie clips to your Chromecast you can always use IR Worldwide Remote.


The IR controllers need an IR blaster. Please ensure that if your cellphone has an IR Blaster

A few WiFi controllers are available if you do not have an IR blaster. LG Smart TV (Web OS 2.0), Roku and New samsung Smart TVs (C, D, E series) are reinforced over WiFi. If you have a WiFi system you would like included please message me. Cast controllers are being enhanced.


Quick Guide Video:

There's more! IR Worldwide Remote is the only app the allows customers to develop there own exclusive remotes

This is the ad free-form of IR Worldwide Remote™ launched on Jan 5th 2016. There are no ads, in app buys, or subscribers in this program. Please try the free version to evaluate before installing this pro version.

Photos and Media: This allows you to add your own customized pictures and design into the app. You can add pictures from your picture files to the distant qualifications and individual key qualifications scenes.
Full System Access: This is needed for online accessibility. The IRUDB™ details source is utilized via online.
Bluetooth relationship Information: This allows customers to link gadgets that do not have IR blasters to another system that does have an IR blaster. This allows distant instructions to be sent through the other system using wireless.

Please ensure that Bluetooth is allowed and your products combined before linking. You will need to set the Device with an IR blaster as the Bluetooth SERVER in the applying configurations. Then set your other system as the Bluetooth CLIENT. Then tap the link Bluetooth choice in the distant selection. You will need to pick the product you just combined from the record. Now set your system with an IR Blaster so it is directing at the TV and use the other system.

This program does not use, shop, or discuss any private details. 


  IR Universal Remote + WiFi Pro- screenshot thumbnail     IR Universal Remote + WiFi Pro- screenshot thumbnail    

Download Link:

Monday, 12 October 2015

360 Security Lite Speed Boost Free Download For Android

360 Security Lite Speed Boost For Android

Is your android operating program really slow?
Do you have to keep restoring and restarting your android operating program cellphone all the time? Obtain 360 Protection En aning now and your cellphone will perform faster, better and quicker!
360 Protection En aning is the only all-in-one rate enhancer and anti-virus app that maximizes your background applications, storage, junk(cache) information and battery power pack, while keeping your device safe from virus and trojans

1.Lowest Energy Intake – Specifically designed for cellular phones with storage less than 1GB

2.Smallest Installation Package (4MB) – The least heavy cellular security and rate increase tool

3.No.1 Antivirus Motor Within – Reliable by 200 million users

Android Speed Booster and Energy Saving – First app made for cellular phones with < 1GB of memory
1.Exclusive Booster: Examined over 99% of cellular phones in the world with < 1GB of storage one by one and rate them up to be just as fast as they were new.
2.Intelligent Energy Saver: Examined thousands of applications in source code stage to recognize and closed down power-hungry applications and increase the length of your cellphone battery power by more than 40%.

Junk Better – Most secure fresh engine to improve cellphone performance
1.Junk Computer file Cleaner: Lack of area for new images, new music, or new apps? 360 Protection En aning can help you remove app caches or trash information with its One Tap Clean feature.
2.Large Computer file Cleaner: Recognize huge information and provide you with specific suggestions for removal.
3. Whatsapp Little Video Storage cache Cleaner: Storage cache information from whatsapp small video clips load up eventually. You can fresh them all with just one tap.

Mobile Protection – No. 1 anti-virus engine inside
1. Brilliant Reasoning Check out and Antivirus System: A modern QVS + Reasoning engine, which won first place prize in AV-TEST assessment for seven years in a row.
2. Multi-level Real-time Protection: Check out recently installed applications, new up-dates and file program to protect your cellular peace of mind immediately.
3. Quick Scan: It only takes 6 seconds for a full scan, 300% faster than similar paid anti-virus software but 70% less in storage consumption; An incorporation of world’s no. 1 clean-up and storage increase features to make your cellphone less heavy, faster and more secure. 

  360 Security Lite Speed Boost- screenshot thumbnail     360 Security Lite Speed Boost- screenshot thumbnail     360 Security Lite Speed Boost- screenshot thumbnail    

Download Link:

Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Cartoon Photo PRO APk Free Download For Android

Cartoon Photo PRO For Android

This is the pro edition of "Cartoon Photo" program. No advertisements

Use it to implement creative results to your images.

If your cellular phone uses android operating system edition 4.3 and up you will also be able to history video clips or implement results to your current video clips. 


  Cartoon Photo PRO- screenshot thumbnail     Cartoon Photo PRO- screenshot thumbnail    
  Cartoon Photo PRO- screenshot thumbnail

Download Link:

Monday, 27 April 2015

Call recorder (Full) V 3.0.5 Apk Free Download For Android

Call recorder (Full) Apk For Android


Cover art 


«Call and Speech Recording unit (2 in 1)» - program for automated and guide history cellphone discussions and voice recorder.

Please, before buying an program, first set up the 100 % free edition, and make sure the program is operating on your phone!

IMPORTANT! Before setting up turn off other software for documenting cellphone discussions and the 100 % free edition of this system is also!

Since documenting of cellphone discussions is permitted in some nations, many providers turn off the capability to history during a contact, and so I ask you not to put the bad ratings!

IMPORTANT! If the program is badly documented discussion, try a wide range of personalization options (the process is described in the program selection "Help". Counsel you to read!)

If you have any, any problems, mistakes or recommendations for the program, explain your problem or recommendation in a correspondence and deliver it to me in the email. I will deal with them.


Manage the documenting during a call
• Begin / quit history manually
• Feedback, most preferred you should documenting one just click - when you simply just click "Edit" key will instantly start documenting, start the form modifying and documenting add to most preferred (VERY COMFORTABLE!)
• Favorites you should documenting one just click - when you simply just click "Favorite" key will instantly start documenting and documenting add to most preferred (VERY COMFORTABLE!)
• Add a statement or add history most preferred and has been permitted "Dialogue after the discussion," the program will understand that for you this discussion is essential and not ask "Save this discussion or not?" (VERY COMFORTABLE!)
• Indicate time (VERY COMFORTABLE!)
• Tremble your system to add represents or start recording

Record only the necessary conversations
• Do not preserve short phone calls (calls long long-term less than N-seconds)
• Individual configurations for inbound and confident "Save all ", "Do not write", "Record connections only", "Record connections not only "
• Stop before recording
• Save or remove the history soon after the discussion (Dialogue after conversation)

Convenient management voice recorder
• Personalized gadget (Record / quit, Add opinion, Add to most preferred, Open the application)
• Long long long-term notice management recorder (Record / quit, Add opinion, Add to favorites) - fast having access to recorder (VERY COMFORTABLE!)
• Tremble your system to add marks

Select the documenting quality
• Recording structure «amr», «mp4», «wav» with a choice of documenting quality

Browse documented conversations
• Categories (All / Incoming / Outgoing / Favorites)
• Type information (By time frame, By name customer, By contact wide range, By length, By computer file size)
• Search in information (phone wide range, name customer, comment)
• Fast filtration by number

Edit, handle to history the conversation
• Editing information about record
• Indicate time
• Call a customer of the program
• File security against erasure (Favorites)
• Automatic washing (delete information mature than N-days)
• Send information through the resources available on the product to deliver (E-mail, Wireless, etc.)
• Change information storage space location

• Disable notice of starting / completed recording
• Record ways "Hide" - there is not any notice, "Show when recording" - notice seems to be only during documenting, "Show when call" - notice seems to be once at the starting of the contact (Enables: Start/Stop documenting personally, add a statement, add to most preferred. VERY COMFORTABLE!!!)
• Conversation on keeping information after a conversation
• Notification if a mistake happened record
• Notification after the auto-delete records

PS: Thank you all in advance! I would be thankful to your scores and comments.


Call recorder (Full) - screenshot thumbnail Call recorder (Full) - screenshot thumbnailCall recorder (Full) - screenshot thumbnail 

Download Link :

Sunday, 26 April 2015

Popup Widget 2 Apk Free Download For Android

Popup Widget 2 Apk For Android


= NOTICE =====================

Video from
Demo & Tutorial:

You can make a quick way (1x1 widget) to icons with this program. The widget will appear with a awesome movement by hitting the quick way.
Now this supports:
- developing quick way to one or several widgets
- 20 or more inner qualifications skins
- a lot choices for the taking up movement and actions.
- TASKER activity plug-in.

Main advantages of using popup widget:

1. Preserve storage and battery power used by the icons on your launcher
2. Preserve the area of house screen
3. Better search efficiency of launcher
4. Make your own UI 


Popup Widget 2 - screenshot thumbnail 

Popup Widget 2 - screenshot thumbnail 

Download Link :

Weather Animated Widgets Apk Free Download For Android

Weather Animated Widgets Apk For Android


Animated Symbols Time & Climate are incredibly amazing cartoon widgets that will get a lot of “wows” from your buddies. The fresh, easy and wonderful widgets reveals you the present weather for places globally and the moment. The gadget uses the newest android operating system resources to animate the elements icons.


- Electronic Clock
- Current weather conditions
- In gadget cartoon weather icons
- Climate information obtained from international Meteorological transmitted solutions and more than 40 000 weather stations
- Celsius / F weather units
- Instantly recognition of location
- Guide establishing of the gadget location
- Guide or automated wether update
- Re-sizable widget
- Clear background
- Worldwide app created for pills and phones! No need to buy again
- Hot areas for alert, weather renew and gadget configuration
- develop only for ICS (built on sdk 17)
- several weather suppliers OW and YR.NO (is the combined on the internet weather support from the Norwegian Meteorological Institution and the Norwegian Transmitting Corporation)
- A week forecast
- on per hour basis forecast

- android operating system.permission.ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION
- android operating system.permission.ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE
- android operating system.permission.INTERNET

These are needed for getting your circumstances using place solutions.

For recommendations or insects please get in touch with us at:

If you want to convert the program to your terminology please get in touch with us at:


Weather Animated Widgets - screenshot thumbnail 
Weather Animated Widgets - screenshot thumbnail 

Download Link:

Friday, 24 April 2015

AppMgr Pro III (App 2 SD) Apk Free Download For Android

AppMgr Pro III (App 2 SD) Apk For Android


Assistance app 2 sd for more Samsung/ASUS/HTC gadgets, need update to the newest ROM, get in touch with program produce about how to update or when they will launch app 2 sd allowed ROM.

AppMgr (also known as App 2 SD) is a completely new design app that provides the following components:
★ Shift apps: goes applications to either inner or exterior storage space for getting more available app storage
★ Cover up apps: conceals program (built-in) applications from the app drawer
★ Lock up apps: freeze applications so they won't use any CPU or storage resources
★ App manager: controls applications for group removing, shifting applications or discussing applications with friends

* Over 30,000,000 Downloads! *

★ up-to-date UI design, themes
★ group remove apps
★ group move applications to exterior storage
★ inform when portable applications installed
★ hide applications from app drawer
★ freeze applications to a quit state
★ 1-tap to obvious all cache
★ group obvious applications storage cache or data
★ group perspective applications on Search engines Play
★ trade the app list
★ set up applications from the released app list
★ fast remove or move an app by drag-n-drop
★ type applications by name, dimension or set up time
★ discuss personalized app record with friends
★ support desltop widgets
★ support Android operating program 2/3/4
★ support "Move2SD Enabler"
★ personalized notice audio, shake and light

Move apps:
Are you operating out of program storage? Do you dislike having to examine each and every app if it facilitates shifting to the SD card? Do you want an app that instantly does this for you and can inform you when an app can be moved? This element simplifies the activity of applications to on your unit's exterior or inner storage space through your unit's Configurations. With this, you'll have more management over your ever growing selection of applications. This is essential to anyone who has storage management problems.

Hide apps
You don't proper take excellent care of all the applications your service provider contributes to Android? Well, now you can get rid of them! This element allows you to cover program (built-in) applications from the app cabinet.

Freeze apps
You can freeze applications so they won't use any CPU or storage sources and eat zero-battery. It's excellent for you to freeze applications that you would like to keep in program, but don't want them to run or be removed.

We have been chosen as a Search engines I/O 2011 Designer Sand pit associate, for its impressive design and innovative technological innovation.

* Shift applications operate may not perform on your program as produce eliminates the operate of shifting applications to SD from Android operating program system
* Study customer's guide or FAQ by going to: AppMgr > Configurations > About 


AppMgr Pro III (App 2 SD) - screenshot thumbnail AppMgr Pro III (App 2 SD) - screenshot thumbnail AppMgr Pro III (App 2 SD) - screenshot thumbnail 

Download Link :

Maverick Pro Apk Free Download For Android

Maverick Pro Apk Free Download For Android

Use off-line maps and GPS even without an internet access. This app is great for climbing, sailing, geocaching and other outside actions.

• Several international on the internet maps:
MapQuest, Open Road Maps (Cycle, Public Transport), Google, Yandex, Ovi/Nokia, OpenSeaMap.

• Several local on the internet maps:

USGS Topo, NOAA RNC Charts (US), North america Toporama, Ordnance Study UK (Explorer, NPE, 1st Version, 7th Series), OutdoorActive (Germany, Luxembourg, Southern Tyrol), Esri (Topo, Physical, Visuals, Nationwide Geographical, Oceans), HikeBikeMap (Germany), UMP-pcPL, (Poland), GSI (Japan), NearMap (Australia), New Zealand Topo and many other maps.

All maps instantly cached for off-line use. Use Mobile Atlas Designer to obtain maps or MAPC2MAPC to turn maps from other types.

Since edition 2.0 you can add customized map web servers.

• Discuss your present or organized position
You can deliver deal with, GPS harmonizes, link to Search engines Maps and even map picture.

• Get around easily
Build-in mouth reveals the route, range and approximated a chance to a a growing concern. See all the closest locations from FourSquare and Foot prints.

• Find your way back
Trackback operate will information you along a formerly documented monitor with compass directing to a closest factor. A new monitor can be documented simultaneously.

• Task yourself
Turn on Trackback and clock to look at your past place associated with the moment on monitor.

• Save locations you visit
All waypoint saved in KML computer file and can be considered and modified in Search engines World.

• History paths with single tap
Tracks are documented in GPX structure and can be considered in Search engines World and other software. Discuss GPX information via email or DropBox.

• Publish paths to GPSies
Free account is required for posting.

• Journey Computer
Watch rate, elevation, message and many other principles.

• Assistance for Honeycomb, Ice Lotion Food and KitKat.

• Capability to use measure indicator in Universe Nexus and other gadgets.

Only in Pro version:

• Trackback feature
• Endless waypoints and tracks
• Several information with waypoints
• Secure compass to bearing
• UTM and OSGB grids
• Custom map servers
• FourSquare and Wikipedia support 


Maverick Pro - screenshot thumbnail 
Maverick Pro - screenshot thumbnail 

Download Link :

HDR FX Photo Editor Pro Apk Free Download For Android

HDR FX Photo Editor Pro Apk For Android

HDR Fx Picture Manager gives you the best and most brilliant HDR effect on android operating system, and this is all accomplished from just only one photo. Use slider mobile phones to get the very same HDR look you had popular on many photography sites. Result will be similar to expert HDR camera pictures.

Other than HDR outcomes, you can implement bend improvements to your images. With HDR Fx Picture Manager bend modification is now under your fingertips. You can do bend improvements on red natural and red programs you can implement it directly to the rgb (composite) route. HDR Fx Picture Manager also provide another important photo modify device called Stages. Achieve expert outcomes with modifying grayscale tone modification or applying gamma modification with only one touch.

HDR Fx Picture Manager comes with 10's of different structure and boundary choices. Plants your complete resoution images, with HDR Fx Picture Manager, you can now crop your images with only one tap. If you don’t want complete quality images you can re-size images. HDR Fx Picture Manager is the most extensive photo editor on android operating system and it gives you the ability to do any photo task within a few faucets.

• Rgb, Red, natural, red route shapes.
• 17 overlay and bokeh effects
• Crop
• 50 HDR effects
• Blend, bend options
• Gamma correction
• Stages modification (black and white-colored tonal)
• Comparison, Lighting, Vividness, Shade, Opacity adjustment
• Unsharp narrow, sharpness control
• Improve and blur
• Impressive grayscale results
• Put supports and boundary on images.
• Make images dramatic with textures
• Vignette filters
• Move images left and right.
• Turn images straight or horizontally.
• Straighten up images with Straighten up tool
• Share images on Instagram, Tweets, Facebook or myspace.
• Resize images. 


HDR FX Photo Editor Pro - screenshot thumbnailHDR FX Photo Editor Pro - screenshot thumbnailHDR FX Photo Editor Pro - screenshot thumbnail 

Download Link :

3D Parallax Background Apk Free Download For Android

3D Parallax Background Apk For Android

Cover art 

** also check new Miracle Climate 3D app!!! **

Seen the Iphone iOS 7 3D parallax qualifications effect? We just made it better.

The unique multilayer parallax app!

Unique and one of the type stay picture you won't discover anywhere else - Multi-Layered parallax backgrounds!
Give your homescreen a real 3D detail with gyroscope managed multi-layered parallax qualifications scenes - even better than impact presented on Iphone iOS 7.

You can even use you own stages and discuss them with other customers through distributed dropbox directory available from within the app! We already have more than 15 extra styles presented by customers.

Unlike other stay picture which just shift one smooth qualifications picture - this stay picture brings together few qualifications stages, responding to your unit's gyroscope spinning and slanting to provide the best impression experience.
Compare and see the distinction for yourself.

• completely 3D OpenGL gyroscope managed environment
• absolutely new and exclusive function you won't discover anywhere else even on Iphone - multi-layered parallax
• obtain or make your own multi-layers! To discuss your own designs with other customers please e-mail us and we will discuss it in community dropbox directory. Please use 1024x1024 or 2048x2048 clear PNG information.
• 5 involved exclusive multi-layered qualifications scenes for better detail impression - more coming soon.
• spinning qualifications scenes to coordinate your unit's spinning in all axis
• same 3D detail impact as seen on Iphone iOS 7
• set up the stages of detail effect
• use your own customized picture or choose from involved qualifications scenes set (please use standard collection program to choose own picture as we're working on including assistance for 3rd celebration applications like quickpix, dropbox etc)
• sleek and battery power efficent
• has an choice to use only accelerometer indicator which uses 10 times less energy than other receptors for extremely extra energy preserve (not really neccessary)
• when not noticeable program is absolutely ceased, it doesn't run anything in background
• use customized launchers like Nova or Top to have this picture noticeable in your app cabinet as well

Please use trade choice and preserve to sd card when on cellular dropbox website or allow "Request pc site" choice in your web browser when installing stages from dropbox. Otherwise all downloadable pictures will be more compact quality than needed. This is being examined now.

***bear in mind this is an visual impression so may not entice everyone so dont't fault the app, in case you don't like the impact remove the app within 15 moments and your order will be returned instantly by Search engines.

Should you have any problems with the picture please make to and we will provide you with assistance.

READ/WRITE EXTERNAL STORAGE authorization is being used for selecting own backgrounds

In trial movie Top launcher was used with clear applications cabinet setting

Screenshots :

3D Parallax Background - screenshot thumbnail 
3D Parallax Background - screenshot thumbnail  
Download Link