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Call recorder (Full) Apk For Android


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«Call and Speech Recording unit (2 in 1)» - program for automated and guide history cellphone discussions and voice recorder.

Please, before buying an program, first set up the 100 % free edition, and make sure the program is operating on your phone!

IMPORTANT! Before setting up turn off other software for documenting cellphone discussions and the 100 % free edition of this system is also!

Since documenting of cellphone discussions is permitted in some nations, many providers turn off the capability to history during a contact, and so I ask you not to put the bad ratings!

IMPORTANT! If the program is badly documented discussion, try a wide range of personalization options (the process is described in the program selection "Help". Counsel you to read!)

If you have any, any problems, mistakes or recommendations for the program, explain your problem or recommendation in a correspondence and deliver it to me in the email. I will deal with them.


Manage the documenting during a call
• Begin / quit history manually
• Feedback, most preferred you should documenting one just click - when you simply just click "Edit" key will instantly start documenting, start the form modifying and documenting add to most preferred (VERY COMFORTABLE!)
• Favorites you should documenting one just click - when you simply just click "Favorite" key will instantly start documenting and documenting add to most preferred (VERY COMFORTABLE!)
• Add a statement or add history most preferred and has been permitted "Dialogue after the discussion," the program will understand that for you this discussion is essential and not ask "Save this discussion or not?" (VERY COMFORTABLE!)
• Indicate time (VERY COMFORTABLE!)
• Tremble your system to add represents or start recording

Record only the necessary conversations
• Do not preserve short phone calls (calls long long-term less than N-seconds)
• Individual configurations for inbound and confident "Save all ", "Do not write", "Record connections only", "Record connections not only "
• Stop before recording
• Save or remove the history soon after the discussion (Dialogue after conversation)

Convenient management voice recorder
• Personalized gadget (Record / quit, Add opinion, Add to most preferred, Open the application)
• Long long long-term notice management recorder (Record / quit, Add opinion, Add to favorites) - fast having access to recorder (VERY COMFORTABLE!)
• Tremble your system to add marks

Select the documenting quality
• Recording structure «amr», «mp4», «wav» with a choice of documenting quality

Browse documented conversations
• Categories (All / Incoming / Outgoing / Favorites)
• Type information (By time frame, By name customer, By contact wide range, By length, By computer file size)
• Search in information (phone wide range, name customer, comment)
• Fast filtration by number

Edit, handle to history the conversation
• Editing information about record
• Indicate time
• Call a customer of the program
• File security against erasure (Favorites)
• Automatic washing (delete information mature than N-days)
• Send information through the resources available on the product to deliver (E-mail, Wireless, etc.)
• Change information storage space location

• Disable notice of starting / completed recording
• Record ways "Hide" - there is not any notice, "Show when recording" - notice seems to be only during documenting, "Show when call" - notice seems to be once at the starting of the contact (Enables: Start/Stop documenting personally, add a statement, add to most preferred. VERY COMFORTABLE!!!)
• Conversation on keeping information after a conversation
• Notification if a mistake happened record
• Notification after the auto-delete records

PS: Thank you all in advance! I would be thankful to your scores and comments.


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