HDR FX Photo Editor Pro Apk Free Download For Android

HDR FX Photo Editor Pro Apk For Android

HDR Fx Picture Manager gives you the best and most brilliant HDR effect on android operating system, and this is all accomplished from just only one photo. Use slider mobile phones to get the very same HDR look you had popular on many photography sites. Result will be similar to expert HDR camera pictures.

Other than HDR outcomes, you can implement bend improvements to your images. With HDR Fx Picture Manager bend modification is now under your fingertips. You can do bend improvements on red natural and red programs you can implement it directly to the rgb (composite) route. HDR Fx Picture Manager also provide another important photo modify device called Stages. Achieve expert outcomes with modifying grayscale tone modification or applying gamma modification with only one touch.

HDR Fx Picture Manager comes with 10's of different structure and boundary choices. Plants your complete resoution images, with HDR Fx Picture Manager, you can now crop your images with only one tap. If you don’t want complete quality images you can re-size images. HDR Fx Picture Manager is the most extensive photo editor on android operating system and it gives you the ability to do any photo task within a few faucets.

• Rgb, Red, natural, red route shapes.
• 17 overlay and bokeh effects
• Crop
• 50 HDR effects
• Blend, bend options
• Gamma correction
• Stages modification (black and white-colored tonal)
• Comparison, Lighting, Vividness, Shade, Opacity adjustment
• Unsharp narrow, sharpness control
• Improve and blur
• Impressive grayscale results
• Put supports and boundary on images.
• Make images dramatic with textures
• Vignette filters
• Move images left and right.
• Turn images straight or horizontally.
• Straighten up images with Straighten up tool
• Share images on Instagram, Tweets, Facebook or myspace.
• Resize images. 


HDR FX Photo Editor Pro - screenshot thumbnailHDR FX Photo Editor Pro - screenshot thumbnailHDR FX Photo Editor Pro - screenshot thumbnail 

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