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Dragon War - Origin Apk Free Download For Android

Dragon War - Origin For Android

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Dragon War is a traditional dream SLG .No system ,No IAP.
You can appreciate a basically individual activity.
It is basically but not simple.


★Internal Event program -
Develop your kingdom?
Find the value or fulfill a talent?
that your select.

★Real time war map program -
real time communicate with other town .
Fight or Evade ?
make your choice at this time.

★Real time battle program -
you are the leader of the war
.Change the outcome with your every opinion.

★Rich content-
7 different abilities for your choose
over 45 places let you develop your kingdom
over 200 characters are awaiting you
Enjoy the Monster War globe in different way ,write your own tale.

In the stories , there have a overall energy on the globe - Mythical beasts .Who get the energy ,who will be the master around the globe .But no one know the terrible outcome .100 season ago ,the master of Amer Empire look for the dragon energy .He eliminate a town simple as destroy an ant .Not lots of your energy and effort ,he become the master around the globe ,but when he reverse ,he can only see black & deceased .Nothing keep on the globe .He awaken ,but too delayed .He cover up the dragon energy ,and destroy him self .After that ,no one can discover it out .
After 100 decades ,peace was came and gone .Every one question the other cover up the energy .Someone want to eliminate it ,someone want to discover it ,someone want to own it .But the most individuals think ,it is a excellent reason to have a war.Anyway ,the war was started.... 


Dragon War - Origin - screenshot thumbnail 

Dragon War - Origin - screenshot thumbnail 

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