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Monday, 30 March 2015

UltraTuner - Chromatic Tuner Apk Free Download For Android

UltraTuner - Chromatic Tuner For Android

Cover art 

Description :

UltraTuner functions one of the quickest, simplest and most sensitive adjusting google of all the receiver applications on the market.

UltraTuner is accurate to a 1/100th of a penny, far beyond human understanding of message. In fact, it’s 10 times more accurate than a technical strobe receiver (considered the “gold standard” of tuners). UltraTuner’s accurate message recognition is obtained through a exclusive dual-analysis handling motor, which allows it to get a much more accurate studying of the regularity from the inbound observe than most other the tuners. UltraTuner’s quick reaction creates adjusting a technical system a piece of cake. Its excessive perfection also creates it the perfect app receiver for intonating stringed equipment like guitar or fish, as well as for calibrating digital equipment like classic synths.

UltraTuner’s speed and perfection provides gamers and technicians with a pocket-sized professional system receiver that’s always with them. It provides two primary ways of operation: Level and Studio room.

Stage Mode

When in Level method, UltraTuner is a uncomplicated, ultra-accurate system receiver presenting a unique, easy interface that’s easy to see in low-light circumstances. It functions a completed smooth and distinct show to indicate levels from message. When the observe is in track, the show changes green. UltraTuner uses the entire system screen for adjusting, so it is easily noticeable from a range on mysterious levels.

Studio Mode

In Studio room method, UltraTuner provides trend creation that gives a qualitative reviews of the message difference as a easy right/left movement of the real waveform of your system. A smooth observe will shift the waveform to the remaining, while a distinct observe will shift it to the right. A observe whose message is deceased center is showed by a still waveform. Additionally, by simply hitting on the main studio show, it’s possible to change to the pitch-tracking creation.

The message tracking creation allows gamers to observe message eventually. This is especially useful in the studio for tracking message of non-chromatic equipment like words, guitar and steel etc., on files eventually, and very useful for oral and system message coaching.

Fast calibration

In the configurations screen, gamers can quickly modify the “A” observe, set the disposition type, set the main key for tracking and modify the sound understanding. UltraTuner can use the device’s built-in mic for sound feedback, and works with all analogue or digital sound connections for Android operating system gadgets, like IK’s iRig 2, iRig HD-A, iRig STOMP, iRig Mic, iRig MIC HD-A, iRig Mic Studio room, iRig Mic Throw, iRig PRE and iRig.

UltraTuner features:

• Impressive motor that allows responsiveness and high precision (+/- 0.01 cent)
• Double modes: Level and Studio
• Large adjusting sign noticeable at a range (Stage mode)
• Tuning history to see adjusting modifications eventually (Studio mode)
• Useful not only for adjusting, but also for non-chromatic system training

Screenshots :

UltraTuner - Chromatic Tuner - screenshot thumbnail UltraTuner - Chromatic Tuner - screenshot thumbnail UltraTuner - Chromatic Tuner - screenshot thumbnail 

Download Link :

Friday, 27 March 2015

Apocalypse Runner Apk Free Download For Android

Apocalypse Runner Apk For Android

Cover art

Description :

In the experience you are running from the upcoming large trend. You have to use every probability to not become a sufferer. Run along the bumpy systems, get over challenges, gather rewards, generate factors and evaluate them with the factors of other gamers.

- Environmental setting
- Obsessive gameplay
- Simple control
- Built-in online-record table


Apocalypse Runner - screenshot thumbnail
Apocalypse Runner - screenshot thumbnail

Download Link :

Kiwi UI Icon Pack Apk Free Download For Android

Kiwi UI Icon Pack For Android

Cover art

Description :

Kiwi fruit UI the concept motivated by the new Look for engines os, Lollipop 5.0.
Designed on the recommendations of Android working system, Kiwi fruit UI using the shades scheme of Lollipop and the new Content style for smooth incorporation with your new OS.
A great symbol package that will finish the incorporation of your new Content system !

・ 2000+ complete HD icons
・ 300+ Vibrant icons
・ 100+ Cabinet icons
・ 40 Reasoning picture (Muzei support)
・ Powerful Calendar
・ Customized skin and dock
・ Look for symbols tool
・ Gadget clock
・ Demand symbols tool
・ Top quality request symbols tool
・ Every week updates

・ Customized Launchers (Nova, Top, Aviate, Activity launcher, Clear launcher, Go launcher, Holo launcher, Intelligent launcher, Tsf spend, ADW e molti altri)
・ CM concept engine
・ Unicon
・ Xgels
・ Wonderful Icon Styler


Kiwi UI Icon Pack - screenshot thumbnail Kiwi UI Icon Pack - screenshot thumbnail Kiwi UI Icon Pack - screenshot thumbnail

Download Link :

Shaun in the City Apk Free Download For Android

Shaun in the City For Android

Cover art

Description :

All continues from every app buy facilitates fed up kids across the UK! This is the formal Mark in the Town - Lambs Spotter app by Aardman Animated graphics.

Find all the statues, gather ewe-nique success and awards, see interesting statistics from other app customers, and finish unique paths with our baa-rilliant Mark in the City: Lambs Spotter app!

Fifty 5ft artist-decorated statues of Aardman’s internationally-renowned personality Mark the Lambs have made London, uk their home until Twenty fifth May, in a baa-rilliant community artistry pathway to increase resources for Wallace & Gromit’s Children’s Charity! Can ewe discover them all?

Take Shirley’s pathway for a trip through the earliest aspect of the investment, or adhere to Mark on an experience through London’s most popular purchasing streets! From operating or rotating your way to the statues to traversing the famous Abbey Street or thumping into other Mark predators, finish all the success and gather plenty of trophies!

This summer time, another head of b-ewe-tiful Mark in the Town statues will appear in Bristol from 6th June to Thirty first Aug to increase resources for The Huge Attraction, the Bristol Children’s Medical center Charitable organisation, and you can use the app for this pathway, too – see if you can check out all 120 statues and open up your unique trophy!

Screenshots :

Shaun in the City - screenshot thumbnail Shaun in the City - screenshot thumbnail

Download Link :

HDR Pro Apk Free Download For Android

HDR Pro For Android

Cover art

Description :

HDR (high powerful range) creates you images look better than real-life!
Our app changes you Android operating system digicam into expert HDR devices.

All images are in rectangle structure acessible with Instagram.

No need in getting several photos - the images become HDR in just one click!

* Modify all factors of the HDR process: Results, Lighting and Comparison.
* High-Resolution
* Take HDR picture in one click
* Collection with your HDR photos
* Overall tone Mapping
* The app is absolutely free!

Screenshots :

HDR Pro - screenshot thumbnail HDR Pro - screenshot thumbnail HDR Pro - screenshot thumbnail
HDR Pro - screenshot thumbnail HDR Pro - screenshot thumbnail

Download Link :

Thursday, 26 March 2015

Resistance Zooper Theme Apk Free Download For Android

Resistance Zooper Theme Apk  For Android

Cover art

Description :

This concept needs a little installation on your aspect. It's not challenging at all and if you seem to run into a problem I'll be grateful simply to move you through it. SO EMAIL ME BEFORE YOU LEAVE A BAD REVIEW!!!

This also has a take a position alone app that has a few picture for your watching satisfaction and a few fast hyperlinks to get a keep of me. Discover it in an app cabinet near you!

This concept is for Zooper Pro only. The 100 % free edition of Zooper will not perform as it does not allow you to transfer the concept. You will discover Zooper Pro here:

To set this up you need a Launcher that will allow you to modify lines dimension. Individually I suggest Nova Launcher. The 100 % free edition should perform to modify what needs to be modified. Discover that here:

And lastly to deal with the songs play-back you will need Media Resources. That can be discovered here:

Once you have everything downloadable go into Nova's configurations and modify the pc lines to 10x8, eliminate the docking station and web page spots and set the edges to none.

Then returning out to your desltop and eliminate everything. Add a 1x1 Zooper Gadget and lengthy press on it and choose re dimension. Then move it into the appropriate dimension for whatever widget you are implementing. Gadget dimensions will be at the end of this information as well in the widget titles. Once it is the appropriate dimension tap on it and choose the concept and the widget you are implementing.

For the songs to perform start Media Resources and go into its configurations. Examine Zooper and all Trial functions then reboot your cellphone. The reboot is needed for the changes to take impact.

If you run into any problems you can email me. I'm here to help and usually react within the time (usually within 15 minutes)

Widget sizes:
Top 8x2
Bottom 8x8

"Blah blah anything about the songs not operating or being shown correctly"

First create sure you have Media Resources set up. Once you do go into its configurations look Zooper and all experimental functions then reboot your cellphone. The reboot is needed for the changes to take impact.

"When I press a key it does not perform properly /or/ I want to modify what a key opens"

Its because different cellphone producers use different program titles for their applications. Like for example HTC could name their cellphone app something like and New samsung could name theirs something like its a problem that will always occur unless you are using the same produced cellphone as the designer. Its an simple fix though.
In the zooper structure for that widget down at the end you will see factors like "phone touch" "message touch" etc etc. Tap on the one not operating (or the one you want to change) then choose Component On Tap and run over to your applications and choose the app you want it to start.

Screenshots :

Resistance Zooper Theme - screenshot thumbnail Resistance Zooper Theme - screenshot thumbnail Resistance Zooper Theme - screenshot thumbnail

Download Link :

Boot Watch Face Apk Free Download For Android

Boot Watch Face For Android

Cover art 


Start Observe Experience, a simple watch face cartoon at 60 FPS looking like your preferred boot movement when you keep normal method, only for Use.

• Circular and rectangle displays supported
• Battery power efficient
• Customized shade for qualifications (black by default), time, moments and second hands
• Separate size for each needle
• Curved or squared hand cap
• Problem results (disabled by default)
• Ambient access movement (disabled by default)
• Ambient lighting (100%, 75%, 50%, 25%, 0%) and shade toggle
• Burn-in security toggle
• Sleek movement at 60 FPS max
• Small foot-print (~416kB)

Long media this watch face display and contact the configurations key at base to access all the settings/options.

Wait 10 to 20 a few moments after set up in order to be able to choose it.
If it is still not available, "Resync apps" or remove and then re-install it again, and be sure to have enough free space. 


Boot Watch Face - screenshot thumbnailBoot Watch Face - screenshot thumbnail 

Download Link :

Chrooma Live Wallpaper Apk Free Download For Android

Chrooma Live Wallpaper For Android

Cover art


Stunning combinations shifting efficiently on your qualifications.

Palettes will change every time you come back to your primary selection.

The primary distinction with the others stay qualifications is that this one will never hassle you with a lot of animated graphics that strain your battery power in 5 moments, that's the attractiveness of little.

It goes completely with the Lollipop gadgets and renew the style of the mature ones!


Chrooma Live Wallpaper - screenshot thumbnail Chrooma Live Wallpaper - screenshot thumbnail Chrooma Live Wallpaper - screenshot thumbnail

Download Link :

Dirty Emojis HD Apk Free Download For Android

Dirty Emojis HD For Android

Cover art


It's 2015, let's be unclean, let's exist to the maximum, let's have fun! If you really like to be unclean nowadays then Dirty Emojis HD is the app you want to have on your Android operating system phone!

There are plenty of applications out there that try to be unclean, they try to do emojis, but you know our top quality, HD all the way!

- Release Selling 50% Off!
- Exclusive HD Dirty Emojis!
- Extremely Quick Loading!
- Facilitates All Of Your Preferred Talk Apps!


- Technique 1 -
To discuss a unclean emoji, basically contact it, then contact the chat app you want to discuss it with!

- Technique 2 -
Using the best chat app, go to connect an picture. Select Dirty HD then select a unclean emoji to share!

Screenshots :

Dirty Emojis HD - screenshot thumbnail Dirty Emojis HD - screenshot thumbnail Dirty Emojis HD - screenshot thumbnail

Download Link :

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Fitness Trainer FitProSportPRO Apk Free Download For Android

Fitness Trainer FitProSportPRO For Android

Cover art \


Individual training sessions with Personal Fitness Trainer «FitProSport PRO» include:
- More than 150 easy and effective exercises with pictures and description
- No advertisements
- Built-in timer and stop-watch
- Data synchronization from a free version into a full version
- Ready-to-use programs for men and women with the number of repetitions and sets mentioned
- New exercises and programs for work-outs are added when the app is updated
- Opportunity to add as many exercises of your own as you want
- Opportunity for recording and watching the results of exercises
- Opportunity for making up the programmes for training sessions
- Backups
- User-friendly interface
- English interface


Fitness Trainer FitProSportPRO - screenshot thumbnail Fitness Trainer FitProSportPRO - screenshot thumbnail Fitness Trainer FitProSportPRO - screenshot thumbnail

Download Link :

Switch UI - Icon Pack Apk Free Download For Android

Switch UI - Icon Pack For Android

Cover art


Change UI. Smooth sides ornamented by the newest content scheme. Change is a set of wonderful symbols properly designed for the present Android operating system recommendations, in a specific style. Accept the last symbol package you'll ever want to use and create the switch nowadays.

- Contains 1300+ stunning symbols.
- 27 HD picture involved.
- Icon demand device. Top quality demands available.
- Quick-apply credit cards for several launchers.
- Powerful schedule assistance.
- Continuous up-dates & assistance.

- Nova
- Apex
- Action
- Go
- Solo
- Trebuchet
- Smart
- Aviate
- Next
- KK
- Nine
- Blur
- Unicon
- Most others that have symbol package assistance.

Recommended symbol sizes:
- Nova Launcher (Prime): 115%
- Top Launcher: 115%
- Go Launcher: Big

Icons can be used straight from either the app itself or in your suggested launcher's concept configurations.

Screenshots :

Switch UI - Icon Pack - screenshot thumbnail Switch UI - Icon Pack - screenshot thumbnail Switch UI - Icon Pack - screenshot thumbnail Switch UI - Icon Pack - screenshot thumbnailSwitch UI - Icon Pack - screenshot thumbnailSwitch UI - Icon Pack - screenshot thumbnail

Download link :