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Upbeat Monsters Icon Pack APK Free Download For Android

Upbeat Monsters Icon Pack For Android

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Please take also a look at the "Notice" at the end of this information before buying

Now presented on Android operating program Police:

Upbeat Creatures is a new eye sweets symbol package for customized launchers that try to carry an exclusive encounter to your homescreen.
Instead of concentrating on theming million of symbols that look like the genuine ones it provides over 130 high-res new colorfull symbols developed only for android that will provide new lifestyle to your interface and protect the most used applications. More symbols will be included with upcoming updates!
Everything was hand made with care: none of the unique symbols resource was recycled here and even the few logo used were regenerated in vector style.

130+ Icons (73 exclusive style, 55 difference or recolor, 11 generic)
192x192px XXXDPI sharp great quality
5 simple wallpapers

It is suggested to modify symbol dimension to 110 or 120 % in your launcher configurations (but individual flavor is engaged here).

Compatible with:
(if you have problems implementing the concept from the program dash panel you should try from your launcher settings)

Nova Launcher
Apex Launcher
Aviate Launcher
Smart Launcher
GO Launcher
ADW Launcher
Action Launcher
Holo Launcher
Themer [ No immediate install: implement it from Themer Settings->Manage App Drawer->Icon Pack]
KK Launcher [ No immediate install: implement it from KK Settings->Theme and UI->Icon Pack->Installed]

There is a know bug when the program dash panel installation software may accident if used on a Product while in scenery mode: you can either begin the program and implement the concept while in image method or implement it from your launcher configurations.

The regularity of up-dates is determined by the revenue : if you like this concept discuss it with your buddies to help it to develop and improve the variety of symbols available!

List of currently avaible icons:


A) These symbols are developed with plenty of little information for which they perform best with a high-resolution show (like 1280X720 for a 5" intelligent phone or 1980X1020 for a 10" tablet).
Lower solutions are reinforced but you may observe a lack of sharpness.

B) While upcoming up-dates are organized this is not intended to be a complete program alternative.
It does not function 1000+ symbols because we select creativeness rather than abundance: you may have to cope with little irritation, like modifying some symbols personally or using "generic" symbols offered (in most launcher lengthy pushing on an app in your homescreen carry up a selection for this).

The icons revealed on screenshots are "Zooper by BEARD 2" and "Retro Zooper Skins":they are NOT a development of my own. 

Screenshots :

Upbeat Monsters Icon Pack - screenshot thumbnail 
Upbeat Monsters Icon Pack - screenshot thumbnail

Download Link :

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