Samosa - Auto Shooter MOD APK

Wallet Player UK - "Samosa is a trendy gunner automatic runner"
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Sam is a car car owner who lifestyles gladly with his pet poultry.
Osa is an wicked researcher who wants to overcome the entire globe for his own tests.
When they both come experience to deal with, it is going to be one impressive battle.

Play as Sam the automatic car owner and capture at surf of Osa's minions. Its a quick moving automatic sprinter capturing where you come against a lot of various opponents. The Auto you drive comes with some useful means which when used properly can be the distinction between passing away at the arms of the spiders or losing them to the floor. When you think those minions are simple , the managers will never let you through without a big battle.

Are you prepared ? Can you help Sam capture these crooks and get to Osa ?

Features -

- Auto which launches and has upgradable means.
- 5 different wealthy wonderful surroundings.
- 50+ opponents who really like getting you down for their manager.
- 5 Big Bosses who will never quit until you are done.
- 40 stages for you to satisfy your hunger for capturing factors.
- Simple to try out , difficult to perfect.
- Will task your abilities and reflexes

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