Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Survival Island 3D PRO Apk Free Download For Android

Survival Island 3D PRO


Something dreadful occurred, and you are trapped alone on a abandoned travel with crazy starving creatures. Isle is absolutely wasteland - your only friends is ore and plants. May be people live here years ago, because you can see some strange abandoned homes, but now you are here alone.

There is no assurance you can endure even one night, but you can try. Success Isle 3D PRO – extremely obsessive simulation of crazy life.

*** HOW TO PLAY ***

- Quarry rock and hew plants. At first, you can use only one product for these objectives - it can take too much time, but later you can art axe and pick. Come close to the shrub or rock, tap product key weapons, follow the range (STONE or TREE). When the range is full, you'll get woodstone.

- Using sources you can art weaponry for tracking creatures, a flash light and a flame for light at evenings, as well as components for making a home. To build a home, you have to to set up the base first, then the surfaces, microsoft windows and gates.

- To search creatures for meals, as well as to get rid of strikes of should, you can use any device. Aim the camera at an creature and media the product key. When an creature passes away, you can gather meals.
Survival Isle 3D PRO activity features:

• Crafting;
• Building;
• Survival;
• Forests survival simulation 3D;
• Wildlife tracking - you can meet a keep, a boar, a goat..;
• Actual wonderful nature;
• Actual island adventure; -
• A lot of actions to do - art weapon;
• Awesome design and easy navigation;

Prepare to survival activity – play Success Isle 3D PRO! Who will be a champion in this headache, you or creatures, or may be some characteristics disaster? Anyway, best of fortune, and let's start island experiment!


  Survival Island 3D PRO- screenshot thumbnail    
  Survival Island 3D PRO- screenshot thumbnail

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