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Real Drift Car Racing V 3.1 apk Free Download For Android

Real Drift Car Racing Apk For Android

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With more than 10 an incredible number of fan gamers globally, Actual Move Car Rushing is the most genuine 3D drift racing simulator on cellular phones, and yet easy to control and fun to play thanks to a modern drift assistant.
Get ready to generate top rated vehicles (turbo or normally aspirated) and make them drift at high-speed in paths developed particularly for drift racing.
Improve your racing and moving abilities and generate exclusive money to monitor and personalize your car.
Race to fight the globe record of the leaderboard or just for fun in the freeride method.

• The most genuine 3D drift racing simulator on cellular devices;
• Personalized difficulty: from complete beginner to professional drifter;
• Comprehensive personalization options: change body system shade, body system vinyl fabric, wheels design, wheels shade and wheel signature;
• Comprehensive adjusting options: increase motor energy, add a turbocompresseur, change managing configurations (weight submission, camber position etc.), change equipment percentages and move speed;
• Picture method to discuss your best glides with your friends;
• Realistic simulator of all part (engine, drivetrain, wheels, etc.) of the car;
• Particular motor audio for every car with turbocompresseur whistle and strike off valve;
• Jepardize results with sounds;
• Precise factors calculation: generate factors by moving at high-speed, at great drift position and, by light in contact with surfaces during a drift;
• Online and local leaderboard to task your buddies and people all over the world;
• Big training monitor to enhance your moving and racing skills;
• Awesome dubstep soundtrack by Fluid Unfamiliar person and Make simpler Information files.
• Enhanced for Apple x86 cellular phones.

• No adverts;
• 9 new drift racing tracks;
• 8 new highly effective vehicles with specific and genuine setup;
• New complicated profession method with 25 tournament with increasing difficulty;
• All adjusting choices revealed.

• Accelerometer (gyroscope) or contact guiding mode;
• Slider or contact throttle;
• Automated or guide transmission;
• Measurement or Imperial models of measurement;

Points develop proportionally to drift position, drift time and rate.
There are also 2 different factors multiplier: "Drift Combo" multiplier and "Proximity" multiplier.
Drift Combination multiplier is improved by 1 whenever factors achieve a energy of 2000 (1000, 2000,4000, 8000 etc.). If you change drift route, factors are included to Total Points Signal (located in the top left of the screen) and totally reset. If factors achieve every several of 2000 again, Move Combination is improved by 1 again. This works only if you keep moving without too long disruptions between one drift and the other (less than 1 second), otherwise Move Combination multiplier will be totally reset to 1.
Proximity multiplier is improved when you drift with the back of the car near a walls (less than 1.5 meters) proportionally to nearness. You'll observe this reward with a slowly movement impact and a written text displaying the multiplier aspect.
If you hit anything you'll lose your limited factors and all multipliers.

• accurate place (GPS and network-based)
Used to find gamer nationality (shown in the leaderboard).

• change or remove the material of your USB storage
• analyze accessibility secured storage
Used to save gamer information data.

Wi-Fi relationship information
• perspective Wi-Fi connections
Used to deliver gamer ratings to leaderboard server.


Real Drift Car Racing - screenshot thumbnail 

Real Drift Car Racing - screenshot thumbnail 

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