Monday, 15 July 2013 scam

Hello Publisher,

This  News Is For You Regarding Who TRust Them And Have A faith That they Will Get Paid

Here I Will Advice You Not To Use Their Services As They Are Scammers And I Have Collected Some Proofs For All OF YOu

I Dont Want You People To Get Scammed By Them

When You Do A Request For Payout They Just Simply Flag Your Account With A bAn

Then YOu Try To Contact Them And You Will Keep On Creating Tickets But They Dont Even Care To Reply

Even You Cant Make An Account On THeir Official Forum You Will never Get A account Verification Mail

Here are Some Pics


Here Are Some Website Links Prooving How They Cheated Them


 Now The Choice Is Yours From The Above Proof If Your Not Satisfied Try It On.If You To Got Scammed By Them Do Comment Below

Also I suggest You TO Join And Im sure That They Will Pay YOu


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  1. thanks for the info and Yeah They Too cheated me = Scamm