google dorks for finding symlink sites [2013]]

Hello Guyz Today Il Show You How To Find Already Hacked Symlink config Files With The Help Of Google

Lets Start

WE Will Use Some Google Dorks To accomplish This Task

I Will Also Explain You How These Dork Work

Ok here Are Some Dorks Which U already Know To find Symlink Via Google

  1. inurl:"/root/home/*/public_html/"
  2. inurl:"/sym/root/"
  3. inurl:"/*.php?sws=sym" 0r inurl:"/*.php?*=sym" intext:"[ Symlink File ]"
You Can Also Use Index of sym 

You Will Many sites by these Dorks

Browse through the parent directory u May also get pre uploaded shells

Ok now Some Dorks Which I use for symlinkd files


Go one changinging no too for example from Whm7.txt To Whm6.txt and so on 

Note After Finding This if  U r not able to get shell on that site Check My tuts Of pentesting the server and try to shell that server rest u know how to hack sites via symlinking

Hint If u Want to find particular shell but you are not getting any dork for that dont wory follow some steps

1) Download The shell which u want to find from google dork For example madspotshell
2)edit the shell with notepad++ or any other editing software then find by pressing ctrl + f type title 
copy the title for example in madspot shell u will get Madspot Security Team Shell
3) copy that title and paste it in google by this way
intitle:Madspot Security Team Shell(your shell title ) and you will find many results

Any Doubt Regarding This Feel Free To contact us