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Tuesday, 11 February 2014

how to hack telegram messenger

How To Hack Telegram Messenger

Hello Guyz Welcome To Our Brand New Telegram Messenger Hacker For Android And Iphone

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Monday, 3 February 2014

vBulletin 5.0.0 all Beta releases SQL Injection Exploit 0day :)

Sunday, 1 September 2013

how to hack windows 7 password

Windows password cracking with Backtrack

Before commencing to consider what exactly is hash in addition to exactly how in addition to the spot that the passwords tend to be kept as hash throughout windows.

Pertaining to great windows password making use of Backtrack you have to have a Backtrack disc. Insert disc start to help disc. At this point Backtrack possess numerous traditional password great tools pre-installed, we use one of these.

By instrument we must produce a directory to help which we must mount your SAM document that's throughout system32/config.Continue using following steps:

step 1 open applications>Bactrack>Privilege Escalation>Password Hacks>Offline Attacks>chntpw

step 2 type fdisk -l

step 3 type mkdir /mnt/apple

step 4 type mount -t ntfs-3g /dev/sda1 /mnt/apple

step 5 type ./chntpw -l /mnt/apple/WINDOWS/system32/config/SAM

step 6 type ./chntpw /mnt/apple/WINDOWS/system32/config/SAM

step 7 after you have the user edit menu select the appropriate step, here we have to clear password so type 1 and press enter

step 8 now it will ask for writing hive files so type y and press enter

    Now your windows password has been cleared. When the next time you will login it will not ask for password.

    Saturday, 24 August 2013

    hacking skype tutorial

    Skype Jacking Tutorial


    Mental faculties
    Social Skills (Minimum hard work required)


    The very first thing you'll want to complete is usually collect the essential info; rather as much as you may get of the bank account anyone are trying to acquire control of. Your proposed info You might want to acquire previous to trying to take this Skype is usually;

    Full name of the particular person
    Documented E-Mail tackle to this Skype
    Almost any repayment techniques employed
    Sign up date of the Skype
    5 acquaintances about the individuals Skype record
    Region those is usually coming from
    Any E-Mail address that have been listed on the bank account

    The key bullet-points that you need tend to be; Label, E-mail, Repayment Process in addition to Sign up date that you can generally get away with just by while using calendar year in addition to 5 acquaintances about the individuals Skype record; these include the typical concerns you're inquired to start with although in the event you find some of all of them drastically wrong they are going to preceed to consult anyone the country found in subscription in addition to every other E-Mail address of this particular bank account.

    Properly contemplating you recognize the title of the particular person or the E-Mail you possibly can simply state any Skype with your two key waste info, generally the repayment process isn't repayment employed if you do not know normally plus the call record talks regarding itself; issues held it's place in a bunch call up subsequently there exists a excellent possibility that person has some of hte people in it on the call record.

    Right now you could have obtained the details needed, it truly is time and energy to place our own preparing in to steps, at once to the site;

    web page link

    Purely get into the login name of the Skype plus the title of your personnel. Right now I'll provide you with a transcript of how the chat will in all probability proceed, basically abide by my recommendations and will also be productive if your entire info is usually proper. Best of luck.


    Daring = Skype |Italics = Me personally

    “Hi I have ignored my private data regarding my Skype bank account! ”

    “Oh, My partner and i see. I’d always be satisfied to assist you with that, May possibly I have your own Skype Label in addition to first title, make sure you? ”

    “My Skype title is usually ‘bob’ in addition to la and orange county bob”

    “Thank anyone. So that you can assist you We need you to definitely supply the using details:
    1. Exactly how does anyone spend? Prior repayment process
    2. Precisely what is the e-mail tackle anyone provided from subscription?
    3. While does anyone create your own Skype bank account (month/year)
    some. Provide us the titles of 5 good friends as part of your acquaintances list”

    1. “ Never ever settled
    2. bob@bob. joe
    3. 1/2 calendar year previously
    some. Bob1, bob2, bob3, bob4, bob5”

    “Thank anyone. You need to furthermore solution:
    1. What title does anyone provide from subscription (first + last)
    2. What land does you ultimately choose while in subscription?
    3. Provide us virtually any previous email address contact info you may have employed? ”

    1. Robert Chad
    2. Great britain
    3. Merely bob@bob. joe as i recall”

    “Thank anyone make sure you reset to zero your own private data in this article; link”

    “I don’t have access to in which mail any longer that’s exactly why I’m getting in contact with you”

    “What can be your new email address contact info? ”

    “It’s Bob@bobber. bob”

    “Thank anyone. I have at this point improved your own email address contact info, possibly there is anything else My partner and i will let you with currently? ”

    “Thanks greatly, Zero that’s alright l8rs: )”

    Transcript Conclude

    Right now this can seem to be a good practice nonetheless it isn't and yes it generally builds up an actual individual interconnection concerning anyone plus the particular person you're talking too, with good signals, good grammar in addition to using recommendations meticulously there is certainly virtually any 99% potential for anyone having this.

    Breaks: HF.