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Thursday, 11 August 2016

ASA's Sailing Challenge Apk Free Download For Android

ASA's Sailing Challenge For Android 


Suitable for those learners learning for their ASA 101 documentation. Or for any old sodium looking for a task without getting wet!

ASA’s Boating Challenge contains six fun, easy-to-use segments that open up the secrets of sailing - Understand Factors of Cruise, Obvious Breeze, Cruise Cut, Adding and Jibing, Guidelines of the Street and Docking. Then, put it all together when you sail around a course against time in the Boating component.

This sailing app brings together the most impressive thinking in the electronic knowledge area with the United states Boating Association's experience in educating sailing to develop a sport that allows gamers go up onboard, take control of the tiller in one hand and the mainsheet in the other, and sail off on a exclusive sea of fun. When the ASA says the fun begins here, we really mean it!

For help allowing the Boating Challenge app, ASA converted to long time sailing fanatic, experienced and founding father of Atari, Nolan Bushnell. Bushnell’s new academic application growth company, Brainrush, dealt with ASA to build up this cutting-edge academic movie sailing activity, using a educating strategy Bushnell relates to as “gamefication”. He says, “ASA’s Boating Challenge brings together games technological innovation and academic application, integrating real mind technological innovation in a way that will essentially change how people discover how to sail.”


  ASA's Sailing Challenge- screenshot thumbnail    
   ASA's Sailing Challenge- screenshot   

Download Link :

Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Surface: In the Mist (Full) Apk Free Download For Android

Surface: In the Mist (Full) For Android 


Pay once, play forever! No in-app purchases!

On the morning hours of her Lovely Sixteenth celebration, Mom Evans wakens to realize that not only her mother and father, but all of the adults in the little city of Rocksberg have vanished overnight! What should be a girl’s most joyful day has now transformed into a complete headache. If you can’t determine what actually became of all the adults, this wedding may just be your last!

What’s the text between the losing adults and the Dorothy Wiley orphanage? Is this the work of little Allie Grain, whose mother and father also vanished under strange circumstances?

Collect signs from scary invisible item moments and recover your city regular again.

Solve spooky questions and scary mini-games to free the mother and father from certain disaster.

Unravel black secrets and enjoy extra Collector’s Version exclusives such as collectible items, success, and more!

• Discover countless numbers of invisible things, plus fix a lot of small activities and puzzles!
• Open up this awesome Enthusiast Version to get access to all of the awesome additional bonuses and other gameplay!

*** Discover more from Big Seafood Games***   


  Surface: In the Mist (Full)- screenshot thumbnail    

   Surface: In the Mist (Full)- screenshot   

Download Link:

Saturday, 6 August 2016

Battlefleet Gothic: Leviathan Apk Free Download For Android

Battlefleet Gothic: Leviathan For Android


Dive into Battlefleet Medieval with the impressive gap fights of the Secure of Baal technique, from Warhammer 40,000. Control the harmful fleets of the Imperial Fast and the intense hard-hitting Area Marine corps to repulse the terrible and insatiable Tyranids! Use technique to handle your warships through the Cryptus program, protect the galaxy, improve your enormous fleets and eradicate the enemy before it's too late.

And if you think you’re up for more of a task, contend against other gamers around the world!

Battlefleet Gothic: Leviathan is the digital form of the famous tabletop miniatures game, Battlefleet Medieval, set in the Warhammer 40,000 galaxy. This convert centered technique game, designed on spaceships fights, occurs during the 40k Secure of Baal technique.

• Within the trustworthy form of the convert centered technique game Battlefleet Medieval from Games Workshop
• Create tremendous space fights in the harsh night of the 41st millenium
• Take control of powerful spaceships from the Imperial Fast, the Area Marine corps Blood Angels or the Tyranids
• Handle your great fleets in the procedure method to guard the human Imperium
• Fight the cruel Tyranids and get rid of the xenos risk out of the system
• Improvement with your official and navy by earning new skills and ships
• Compete against gamers from around the entire globe in multi-player mode
• Perform local multi-player in the Hot seat mode
• New content and usable competitions coming soon

No network connection needed to try out (except for online multi-player mode), no microtransactions.
The game is available in British, France, In german and Language.  


  Battlefleet Gothic: Leviathan- screenshot thumbnail    
   Battlefleet Gothic: Leviathan- screenshot   

 Download Link


Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Titan Quest Apk Free Download For Android

Titan Quest Apk For Android


One of the best hack-and-slash activities of all time now matches your pocket!

Originally launched on PC in 2006, Powerhouse Pursuit is an activity RPG set against a famous background. The Leaders have runaway from jail and are hell-bent on ruining the World. The Gods alone can’t quit them -- fearless can be lead this impressive battle. Success or beat determines humanity’s destiny and that of the Olympians.

You are that hero! Make your personality, discover historical cultures like Portugal, The red sea, Babylon, and Chinese suppliers, and battle against lots of famous creatures! Expert the artistry of archery, swordsmanship or miracle and update your personality to open up amazing powers! Find out special things help you complete your quest: famous swords, harmful thunderbolts, captivated bows, and much more!

Specially tailored for cellular phones, this latest edition provides several new features:

• A new touch-friendly interface
• Completely remodeled touch-friendly gameplay
• High-quality graphics
• A huge, open globe to explore
• Complete day/night cycle
• 80 different famous creatures: Minotaurs, Cyclopses, Gorgons, and many more
• 1200+ things discover
• 30 different personality classes
• 150 different personality skills
• Enormous fun time of more than 60 hours
• Scalable problems modes: weaponry and opponents coordinate your expertise level
• A multitude of unlockable success to discover
• No ads, no in-app buys. Complete Top quality experience - Enjoy the complete content for one price!

Mixing historical myth with non-stop activity, Powerhouse Pursuit is a traditional hack-and-slash providing invigorating game play with a fast, extreme beat. Get over fascinating difficulties and vanquish the biggest opponents ever to get into the cellular world! 


  Titan Quest- screenshot thumbnail    

   Titan Quest- screenshot   

Download Link

Friday, 29 July 2016

Danse: Deadly Deception (Full) Apk Free Download For Android

Danse: Deadly Deception (Full) 

 Pay once, play forever! No in-app purchases!

The Belfort Area Academia of Dancing is known for switching dancing beginners into celebrities, but when a category preferred is discovered deceased, long-hidden tricks come to light. Examine the criminal activity field and question thinks to expose the truth!

It ends up that the victim isn’t who she was declaring to be and now you must find out out where the real Marion Ashworth is and why the victim select to impersonate her!

Search within immersive invisible item moments and locate important signs that will help break the case.

Collect proof by fixing complicated questions and enjoying interesting mini-games. Careful! Things are not always what they seem.

Learn a different side to the tale in the bonus section and also love Collector’s Version exclusives such as bonus mini-games and vintage items!

• Find a large number of invisible things, plus solve a lot of small activities and puzzles!
• Open up this unique Enthusiast Version to get accessibility all of incredible extra bonuses and other gameplay!

*** Discover more from Big Seafood Games***  



   Danse: Deadly Deception (Full)- screenshot   

   Danse: Deadly Deception (Full)- screenshot   

 Download Link

Monday, 18 July 2016

Pokemon Go Free Download For Android - India

Pokemon Go For Android

Venusaur, Charizard, Blastoise, Pikachu, and also lots of other Pokémon have actually been found on world Earth!
Currently's your opportunity to find as well as catch the Pokémon all around you-- so obtain your shoes on, step outside, and check out the globe. You'll sign up with one of 3 groups as well as battle for the stature and ownership of Gyms with your Pokémon at your side.

Pokémon are around, and also you need to find them. As you walk a neighborhood, your mobile phone will certainly vibrate when there's a Pokémon close by. Take goal and toss a Poké Ball ... You'll have to stay sharp, or it could get away!

Look far and wide for Pokémon as well as items
Particular Pokémon show up near their native environment-- look for Water-type Pokémon by lakes and also seas. Visit PokéStops, discovered at interesting locations like galleries, art installments, historical pens, and monuments, to stock up on Poké Balls as well as handy things.

Capturing, hatching, advancing, and also much more
As you level up, you'll have the ability to capture more-powerful Pokémon to complete your Pokédex. You could include in your collection by hatching Pokémon Eggs based on the distances you take. Aid your Pokémon develop by catching most of the exact same kind.

Take on Gym battles as well as defend your Gym
As your Charmander advances to Charmeleon and after that Charizard, you can battle with each other to defeat a Fitness center as well as designate your Pokémon to protect it versus all comers.

It's time to obtain relocating-- your real-life experiences await!

Keep in mind: This app is free-to-play as well as is maximized for smartphones, not tablet computers.
Download Link:

Friday, 1 July 2016

Pocket Arcade Story Apk Free Download For Android

Pocket Arcade Story

 Here comes a replacement challenger: it is the arcade simulation game you have been waiting for!
Build your terribly own recreation paradise filled with tons of game machines and more!

If a number of your customers become regulars, you'll take a look at their spunk in fighting game tournaments. Crush the competition with crazy combos and knock out your opponents with a flurry of fists! If you rise from the fray victorious, a lot of and a lot of customers can pile into your arcade!

You can fine-tune and tweak your arcade the maximum amount as you wish, with everything from sport games to bop games, ikon booths and food stands! Even the strength of your crane games' claws and therefore the rate at that coins area unit won is underneath your management. Utilize of these options and customise to your heart's content!
So, are you able to produce a 5-star arcade that pushes all the proper buttons?


* All game progress is keep on your device. Save knowledge can not be transferred between devices, nor will or not it's reconditioned when deleting or reinstalling the app.
* ought to the screen go dark and freeze, try and power your device down and relaunch the sport.

Try checking out "Kairosoft" to envision all of our games, or visit U.S.A. at take care to examine out each our free-to-play and our paid games!

Download Link:


Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Walloid HD Stock Wallpapers Pro v2.3.5 APK Free Download For Android

Hd Wallpapers and QHD Wallpapers from unique Inventory ROMs (OEMs), Personalized ROMs, and Material Style wallpapers!

Walloid Hd Inventory Wallpapers Pro

Hd Wallpapers and QHD Wallpapers from unique Inventory ROMs (OEMs), Personalized ROMs, and Material Style wallpapers.
Day-to-day updates of absolutely free and awesome wallpapers for all equipment functioning Android Marshmallow, Android Lollipop, Android KitKat, Android JellyBean and Android Ice Cream Sandwich with a cleanse and gorgeous Material Style Person Interface.


Google’s Material Style

  • Android Lollipop’s very simple interface and minimized models for all the equipment functioning Android Ice Cream Sandwich and over.

Uncomplicated, Speedy, Light-weight and Smooth

  • Walloid Hd Wallpapers focuses additional on wallpaper impression alone, to make a greater effectiveness.

New Wallpapers Day-to-day Updates and notifications

  • Hd Wallpapers from new and outdated equipment as effectively as from unique types daily included to our collection and get notified when they arrive on Walloid Pro Hd Wallpapers Application.

Endless Favourites Wallpapers Part

  • You can include all your appreciated Hd wallpapers to this portion so that you can quickly set it.

Tag Guidance

  • Wallpapers classified as by tags this kind of as Flagship Equipment of 2015, Flagship Equipment of 2014, New Wallpapers, Showcased Wallpapers and additional.

Offline Guidance

  • Hd Wallpapers can be downloaded and they can be used to set as wallpapers for your Dwelling Display screen even when you really do not have an world wide web link.

Random Wallpaper Loader Widget with endless source(group) choice

  • The only inventory wallpaper app that presents you to randomly set any Hd wallpaper of your selected equipment or types for your Dwelling Display screen from a single simply click.

Muzei Reside Wallpaper Application Guidance

  • Muzei is a live wallpaper that gently refreshes your property display screen every single working day with Hd Wallpapers from Walloid Pro.

Dashboard to Rapid Established, Crop and Established, Edit and get started Slideshow

  • You can deal with all the over actions on wallpapers in a rapid and effortless way.
  • Promptly set Hd wallpapers for your lockscreen. (Only if your system supports this element)

No Advertisements

  • Get rid of intrusive adverts and working experience a superior app effectiveness with Material Style.

Endless Histories of Hd Wallpapers

  • In no way free histories of your Established Wallpapers, Random Wallpaper Loader Widget, Muzei Reside Wallpaper Application.

Material Application Themes

  • 4 Exceptional Material Style primarily based Application Themes for Walloid Pro Hd Wallpapers supporters.

No cost entry to foreseeable future include-ons

  • Get entry to all the new functions in Walloid Pro Hd Wallpapers for absolutely free.

What’s in this variation :

  • ► [Up to date] Greek, Croatian, Portuguese (Brazil) languages translations.
  • ► [Mounted] Bugs and minor crashes.

Demands :Android four. and Up


Download APK

APK four MB

Download APK

Mirror:APK four MB

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Star Wars: Uprising v2.1.3 [Mod] APK Free Download For Android

Star Wars™: Rebellion is the initially Star Wars RPG set concerning Star Wars™: Episode VI: Return of the Jedi™ and Star Wars™: The Force Awakens™!

Star Wars: Rebellion

Be part of tens of millions of gamers globally in a brand name new combat versus the Empire! Interact in massive Sector Battles to dictate the growth of in-match articles, produce your personal strong character and crew, and enjoy actual-time co-op with buddies.

The Galaxy Requires a New Hero. What Sort Will You Be?

Choose from a wide array of abilities, species, visible customizations and classic Star Wars™ gear to become the up coming Han Solo, Boba Fett or totally exceptional hero of your personal style and design with a exceptional open up course technique.

Be part of gamers globally in massive Sector Battles to dictate the growth of in-match articles, together with new planets, exclusive gear, increased degree caps and exceptional crew associates.

Perform the initially mobile match in the Star Wars universe that takes position concerning Star Wars™: Episode VI: Return of the Jedi™ and Star Wars™: The Force Awakens™.

Take a look at the secrets and techniques of the sector, construct a strong cartel with allies, and enjoy along with buddies in synchronous cooperative enjoy.

Courageous Troubles ON Classic AND NEW WORLDS
Struggle your way by means of missions on Hoth, Cloud City and extra, preventing versus strong bosses led by an ominous new adversary.

STAR WARS © & ™ Lucasfilm Ltd. All Legal rights Reserved. Applied Underneath Authorization. Kabam trademark by Kabam, Inc. All rights reserved. _Star Wars™:_Rebellion software © 2015 formulated by Kabam, Inc.

What is New


  • Enhanced Security and tiny bug fixes.

Calls for :Android 4.3 and up


Download APK



Download APK

Mirror:APK 29 MB


OBB: PArt1 PArt2 PArt3 PArt4


  • Put in Apk
  • Copy ‘com.kabam.swat’ Folder to sdcard/Android/obb
  • Launch the Game

Google Perform One-way links For Info

Urmun Icon Pack v2.6.0 APK Free Download For Android

Content. Resourceful. Certain!

Urmun Icon Pack

Beautiful aspects on every and each icon will make your unit really distinct. With absolutely followed content style guides, be all set to love eye pleasing colors and shapeless style. Visual expression at greatest. M is below and it is shining!


  • 3.290+ High definition icons
  • Hundreds of options
  • seventy three QHD wallpapers
  • Masking for unthemed ones
  • Dynamic calendar
  • Clock widget
  • Icons ask for, research and preview aspect
  • Muzei reside wallpaper compatibility
  • Standard weekly updates

• Nova, Action, ADW, ADWex, Apex, Atom, Aviate, Every little, Go, Inspire, KK, Lucid, Following, 9, Clever, Solo, Themer, TSF and lots of more
• Concept engine
• Unicon and XGELS

*You can also implement icons from launcher configurations, if there is no implement button within the app*

What’s in this version :

  • Achieved 3.640+ icons and seventy three QHD Wallpapers
  • NEW Launch!
  • Welcome to URMUN, genuine content icon pack!
  • Included FOLDER ICONS FOR Numerous Types
  • Included ten+ icons currently
  • frequent weekly updates
  • large quality perform

Involves :Android four.. and up


Download APK


Download APK

Mirror:APK 36 MB

Google Play Back links For Details

Weather, Alerts, Barometer v5.8.1 APK Free Download For Android

The to start with App in the entire world with US Radar Widget, Climate Map Widget and Earthquakes Map Widget.

Elecont Climate (eWeather High definition) is the most informative Android software about the atmosphere: Present-day weather conditions and weather conditions forecasts from different weather conditions companies, NOAA weather conditions alerts, most recent earthquakes, are living radar, geomagnetic storm forecast, strain modify indicator and moon and sun calendar, METAR

Elecont Climate (eWeather High definition) is advisable for these who are interested in weather conditions, astronomy, aviation, looking, fishing, journey, have a farm, non-public property or weather conditions-sensitivity etc.

• High definition radar: Large resolution radar (Usa only)
• two entire world-identified weather conditions companies: Foreca and US weather conditions service provider
• a hundred thirty,000 locations all in excess of the entire world
• 17 original widgets of the weather conditions, radar, time, moon stage, barometer, geomagnetic index, and UV index (1×1, 2×1, 2×2, 1×4, 4×1, 4×2, 3×3, 4×4, 5×2, 5×5 etc)
• 10 working day forecast
• 10 notification indicators in the status bar: temperature, moon stage, earthquakes, alerts, barometer etc
• Animated Doppler NEXRAD radar on Google maps for Usa except Alaska and islands
• NOAA (NEXRAD) radar widget on OpenStreetMap (for Usa only)
• Earthquakes widget on OpenStreetMap
• Climate Alerts (Advisory, View, or Warning) from NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) for Usa
• Black ice and freeze warnings
• one hundred most recent earthquakes in the entire world on Google map
• Barometer with headache indicator
• Force forecast graph(Foreca only)
• Moon stage, moon increase and moon set moments
• Dawn and sunset moments
• Period of the working day
• Climate map with temperature and precipitation
• Geomagnetic storm forecast
• 24 hour by hour forecast
• Present-day weather conditions circumstances
• Only utilizes eight KBytes of world wide web traffic for every metropolis for each and every weather conditions update
• Planet clock
• METAR from weather conditions station (except Foreca)
• UV index
• Precipitation chance
• Precipitation total: rainfall and new snow slide total
• Stick to by location (utilizes GPS or Cell Community location perseverance)
• Entire pill aid
• Deliver weather conditions forecast, weather conditions alerts, Earthquakes by e-mail.

The NOAA Doppler radar (NEXRAD) map exhibits rain, snow and hail motion on Google Maps all-around your location in actual time which updates each 10 minutes. The Doppler radar is available only for Usa (except Alaska and islands). Radar widgets primarily based on OpenStreetMaps.

Elecont Climate is an effortless to use, helpful assistant for staying knowledgeable about modifying weather conditions circumstances.

Elecont Climate has a developed-in barometer. A diagram is exhibited which exhibits the atmospheric strain alterations for the earlier 24 several hours. A purple warning display is manufactured when the barometer detects alterations.

Elecont Climate gives information on the very last one hundred earthquakes from all in excess of the entire world. Perspective the most recent earthquakes in a list or on a map. Offers information pertaining to: magnitude, time and length from your location. You can filter earthquakes by their magnitude and length from your location.

The most distinctive element in this software is the “Weather Clock”. It gives all of the past information in an hour-by-hour clock format and is really interactive, informative and fun to use. Look at it out!

What’s in this variation :

  • Tide forecast for coastal towns in the application and widgets
  • Form design for Widgets
  • Help for new formats of weather conditions icons downloaded from the World wide web
  • New solution for disable weather conditions update when the battery is lower
  • New solution for notification about robust wind with specific course
  • Enhancements for stop widget freeze
  • Battery widget
  • a whole lot of new possibilities for widgets, notifications and weather conditions graphs

Necessitates Android:1.6 and up

Call Recorder Pro v3.8 APK Free Download For Android

This application does not function for some phones. So,
remember to, consider our no cost variation ahead of shopping for this one.
If no cost variation does not function for your phone – never squander your funds for shopping for Pro!

* Uninstall No cost Model ahead of using professional!

Pro variation of Call Recorder application has an potential to:
– Allow/Disable get in touch with recording
– Documents all your phone phone calls
– Engage in/Stop recorded audio by contact on the merchandise
– Delete recorded objects
– Lock recorded objects to avert from automobile-cleaning
– Send out chosen information to e-mail

– Allow/Disable notifications
– Configure automated cleaning
– Recording source
– Recording high quality
– File structure
– Recording channel

It supports English, Russian, Ukrainian localizations.
If you want to have it in your language and ready assistance with translation – you are welcome! Remember to, get in touch with me.

Documents are available in the CallRecorder folder in the SD card of your phone.

What is in this variation:

  • Improved security in permissions features

Requires Android:2.1 and up


M Launcher Pro-Marshmallow 6.0 v1.0.8 APK Free Download For Android

M Launcher Professional is designed to be a Easy, Light-weight, Basic Launcher!

M Launcher Professional-Marshmallow six.

her Professional is designed to be a Easy, Light-weight, Basic Launcher, such as indigenous Android™ six. Marshmallow launcher expertise! M Launcher Professional retains latest Android six.0™ Marshmallow expertise,and has numerous improved options.

Professional Features:

one.App Drawer Design

  • Android six. Marshmallow Design Drawer: Vertical design and style, listing applications bast on identify,and with rapid a-z sidebar,uncover and identify application quickly.
  • Traditional Horizontal Drawer:If you’re a lot more accustomed to the initial Lollipop drawer design and style, this will be your preference.
  • A-Z List Drawer:Classify applications by letters on the remaining vertically,uncover application a lot more hassle-free,much easier to uncover at a glance.

two.Icon Pack Topic – To make your cellular phone a lot more attractive and customized,M Launcher Professional help Icon pack, uncover and download your beloved icon packs on Google Enjoy and Utilize them in the launcher.

3.Android six. Marshmallow Design Widget Drawer – Classify widgets for each application, and listing them vertically, straightforward to uncover and include to the monitor

four.Cover Apps – Cover applications that you by no means use or do not want to clearly show in your cellular phone, make the application drawer cleaner and fresh new, and safeguard your privacy

five.Customise Desktop and App Drawer – Desktop and drawer grids,icon layout,sizing and shade of application identify and so on , these all can be custom-made to your liking

six.Placing Folder – Alignment sample, history, growing animation and layout, just perform new tricks on it.

7.Edit Icon – Rename icon effortlessly. Don’t like the shortcut icons? it does not subject, you can edit and exchange them freely.

eight.Basic Operation – Get rid of shortcuts,perspective application facts and uninstall application quickly, administration applications effortlessly

nine.Other Little but Useful settings – For case in point, Regardless of whether to clearly show the research bar and beloved applications, how wallpaper slides,quickly established the default launcher

ten.Easy and Light-weight – M Launcher Professional was highly optimized, preserve electrical power and memory, Animation and Click Results are incredibly easy
M Launcher Professional is primarily based on the latest Android six. Marshmallow, help for Android units.

This is the Professional model of M Launcher.evaluating with M Launcher,M Launcher Professional has the subsequent pros:

  1. More compact package sizing
  2. With out any adverts
  3. Update in progress

What is in this model :

  • one. Improve the display of research bar
  • two. Restore the bug of application drawer
  • 3. Restore bugs of last model

Necessitates :Android and Up



Download APK


Download APK

Mirror:APK 3 MB

Google Enjoy Backlinks For Information

Dictator 2: Evolution v1.2 APK Free Download For Android

Fulfill the sequel to just one of the greatest strategic online games in the planet!

Dictator 2: Evolution

Fulfill the sequel to just one of the greatest strategic online games in the US, Canada, Australia, Germany, Russia, Uk and several other countries!

You are the younger dictator of a fledgling democratic republic. Any one would desire of remaining in your area, because you wield unrestricted power.

You need to make intelligent and timely conclusions, remove scheming enemies, spend tributes to correct close friends, deftly uncover plots, and expose insidious conspiracies.

When a greater tomorrow in your place is no for a longer time a desire, you can go even further! Conquer the rest of the planet. Type your personal military and defeat your wonderful dictatorship’s most treacherous foes! Skillfully acquire captured territories and guide your people to a good potential of despotism!
Dictate the fashion of the day to hundreds of thousands of people – their gaze is riveted on you alone.
Your undertaking is to keep on being remaining dictator as long as doable and seize as significantly territory as you can! Excellent luck!

Experience this unique mix of card battles, tactic and the game’s prequel – Dictator: Revolt!

  • Decide your method to just about every of the 6 factions!
  • Type your personal military and guide it to victory!
  • Make extra than 2,000 essential conclusions!
  • Develop oil derricks, banks, prisons and propaganda broadcasting towers!
  • Weave plots and unravel conspiracies!
  • Prevent revolutions!

Involves :Android 4..three and Up



Download APK


Download APK

Mirror:APK 67 MB

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Machines at War 3 RTS v1.0.1 APK Free Download For Android

Command and elite force as a result of 21 marketing campaign missions in this true time approach game!

Devices at War 3 RTS

Establish above a hundred thirty different types of models and systems, get pleasure from endless random map skirmishes, and dominate in network multiplayer with good friends!


  • Establish above a hundred thirty different types of models and technologies• Rescue the Omicron Initiative in 21 missions
  • Perform endless random map skirmishes
  • Conquer 4 good friends in on the internet multiplayer battle
  • Dominate with seven great RTS mega models
  • Deploy a comprehensive arsenal of infantry, aircraft, naval, and floor forces

The story:
You investigate a secluded army lab and obtain some thing horribly incorrect! All of the experts are missing and the facility is ransacked. Decades of investigation and top mystery labeled experiments are no where to be located.

The missing experts, known as the Omicron Initiative, are liable for building new systems. The only clue to their disappearance is a mysterious textual content information studying “we had been forced to do it”. The team’s disappearance threatens the secrecy of it is investigation, which could possibly set your nation into a chaotic panic. Now there’s only one particular individual who can rescue the Omicron Initiative and safeguard its mystery technological know-how from slipping into the incorrect palms.

In 21 true time approach missions you’ll race throughout the world to obtain out who, or what, is liable for the team’s disappearance. You’ll command and conquer above a hundred thirty different types of RTS models ranging from infantry and ships to huge modern mega models.

Right after honing your techniques in the marketing campaign, fire up a random map and experience crazy true time approach battles! Select your country and examination your mettle in on the internet multiplayer or conquer some AI opponents offline. Several adjustable alternatives assure every game is unique. Want to participate in with only floor models? Make the victory issue the dying of a certain device? The alternatives are limitless!
It’s time to arm up and get in the war!

Behind the Recreation:
Howdy, my title is James, I’m an indie developer and programmed a hundred% of Devices at War 3 above the last two and a 50 % several years! It was pretty the enterprise and I practically gave up numerous times, but as a result of terrible times and great, I’m fired up this true time approach game is carried out! I hope you get pleasure from it and if so please permit me know, often when factors are tricky an e mail or evaluate from a consumer definitely can help. Recreation on!

Involves :Android 3. and Up


Download APK


Download APK

Mirror:APK + OBB 90 MB



  • Install Apk
  • Duplicate ‘com.Isotope244LLC.MachinesatWar3’ Folder to sdcard/Android/obb
  • Launch the Recreation

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PlayTube APK (Free) Free Download For Android

Media & Video clip,
Music & Audio,

PlayTube is a splendid software for android that will allow you to make playlists and control with simplicity films from YouTube. The design and style and features of the software are incredibly simple and straightforward to use. 

By setting up the APK, this potent tool will give you right away the probability to customise your YouTube Practical experience with simplicity, comfort and effectiveness.

You can learn top rated trending films and audio, top rated charts, search, research and also make awesome playlists that go well with your tastes.

Music and tracks can also be played at the background of the unit supplying you the probability to use commonly your unit and listening to the audio at the same time.

With Engage in Tube application you can make simply a certain playlist for just about every mood and start experiencing audio at any time of your lifetime by 1 click.

This fantastic audio android application is a ought to have for every single films and audio lover. Do not hesitate: Download it now.

PlayTube APK Free of charge Download for Android

Sunday, 27 March 2016

Watch Out Zombies! - Money MOD APK

Get quite far over the streets, metros, grass and insane zombie drivers. Yet, that is not all, there are likewise zombies that need to catch you. Keep an eye out Zombies! Play as kid or young lady and make the autos keep running over zombies or make them tumble to the metro burrow. 


* Play as kid or young lady 

* Smash more than 7 unique zombies 

* Complete more than 25 challenges 

* Unlock more than 20 accomplishments 

* Beat your companions high score in the online leaderboards! 

* Hours and days of energizing gameplay and simple style of control 

Tail us! 

Facebook Fan Page 


Keep an eye out Zombies! is a graphically concentrated 3D diversion, and in spite of the fact that it runs well on numerous gadgets, we prescribe 1 GB RAM and double center processor for an ideal gaming knowledge. 

In the event that you discover any issue with the diversion, the most direct approach to get a determination is to email us at

Thursday, 24 March 2016

Cross DJ Pro Mod APK For Android

The best star DJ application for Android. Blend tracks in immaculate sync on an intense sound motor. Built by Mixvibes, computerized DJing pioneer for a long time. 



Precise BPM identification of your music, down to the last decimal 

Stable sync: one-press, and the 2 tracks never leave stage 

Dynamic, manual pitch twist 

Adaptable, manual pitch range (4, 8, 16, 32, 100%) 

Beatmatcher: parallel waveforms to outwardly check if your tracks are adjusted 

Precise beat-network altering: make any track match up legitimately 

Quantize: hot signs and circles are naturally determined to the beat 

Keen look for: tap on the waveform to quick forward and get a consistent bounce 

Part Mono: pre-listen your music tracks before blending them 

Automix: let Cross DJ blend your tracks and play music consequently, from any sources (playlist, collection, and so on.) 

Outside blender: control EQs and crossfader with equipment blenders 


Best blend execution for an Android DJ application 

Low inactivity: music responds in a split second to your activities 

Amazingly practical scratch sound as on genuine turntables 

Automix: Let Cross DJ blend your tracks and play music naturally, from any nearby sources (playlist, collection, and so forth.) 

Record your blends live and in high caliber 

Keylock mode: change BPM without influencing the tone 

No heap time when beginning up the application 

Autogain: naturally adjusts the levels of 2 tracks 

Keylock mode: change BPM without influencing the tone 

Key recognition: identify the key of the tunes and know which tracks sound great together 

Upheld MIDI controllers: U-Mix Control Pro 1&2, Pioneer DDJ-SB, DDJ-WeGO2, DDJ-WeGO3 

Instinctive INTERFACE 

2 turntables, 3-band EQ blender – with DJM EQ preset 

Sampler: 72 tests + 12 restrictive circle tests, adjusted to the fundamental player 

Plausibility to record and play your own particular examples 

Huge control cushions: XY impact cushion, 16 hot-signs cushions 

Huge catches, streamlined for little screens 

• Mix Soundcloud: investigate, play and blend all SoundCloud 

Huge waveform view: scratch and see the music + set signal precisely 

Quantized circles: circles activated with the sampler are matched up to fundamental player 

Crossfader with 3 blend modes: cut, autofade, ordinary 

Music player perfect with MP3s, AAC, FLAC and the sky is the limit from there 

Sort your music library by title, craftsman, collection, BPM or length 

History sheet: show beforehand blended tracks 

Route by envelope 

Alter the rhythm by propelling the turntable/in reverse 

Separate tabs: swipe to show diverse boards on every side 

Show remaining time of your tracks 

Representation mode: enormous single player 

Change every deck's shading: blue, orange, red, yellow, green, purple, pink 

Improved for versatile and tablet 

Improved for Intel processors 


Android 4.1, 

4″ screen 


Double center processor

Tuesday, 22 March 2016

My Selfie Story – Money Mod Apk For Android

My Selfie Story: Show is fun 100 % free tale activities with coordinate 3 mechanics!
Story about a litttle lady Sophie who likes costly cafe, digicam quick flashes, rushing in car, make selfies in awesome places and cut a sprint. She cant remain without her best fiends Tom, Angela, Kim who always opinion her images and discussing unlimited. But within she wants becoming popular in Instagram and be a billionair. She has downloadable so many picture publishers and apps: InstaSize, Flipagram, VSCO and so on... Sophie wants to get supporters quick for Instagram without following returning. But only you can help her desires come true! Pop as much “candy likes” (bubbles) as you can, select right collections, obtain more supporters to be compensated with Sophie's new attractive selfie images afterwards!

My Selfie Story game: Show 
Simple yet obsessive gameplay! Gather and accident various “candy like” (bubbles) combinations as quickly as you can or as much as you can; keep new information – do everything you can to make Sophie popular in Instagram!
Impressive graphics! Luscious hi-definition images will set the ideal feelings for the story; can you open up every selfie in the game?
Fight for every “candy like”! Contend with your buddies, help the less lucky and discuss your best minutes with your Tweets, Instagram, VK and Facebook or myspace supporters and friends!
A tale that will never end! The activity has 65 stages – and it's just a begin. Keep updated in for the tale that are soon to follow!

Episode 1: Want to be an Instagram Star!
Episode 2: Satisfied wedding, Sophie
Episode 3: Satisfied Christmas
Episode 4: European Tour
Episode 5: Weekends

Next instances of the activity arriving very soon:
Episode 6: In vintage style
Sophie is mad of vintage design and have had picture in vintage outfits taken
Episode 7: In good health lifestyle 
Gym and sensible meals essential portion of Sophie life
Episode 8: Las Vegas
Most of that period period Sophie invest in Las Las vegas enjoying gambling house activities - port machine activities and on-line poker trying to hit a jackpot

Write to us, select your next tale for Sophie or make your own tale. Will be grateful any nourish back!
Subscribe for more information here:
Instagram -
Facebook -
Twitter -
VK -

Avicii Gravity – Money Mod Apk For Android

Your efficiency will dynamically change how his hit songs are performed for you, in a catching drive through limitless, creative surroundings – also motivated by Avicii’s songs. Improve your delivers and use a wide range of abilities to further improve your efficiency.
Together with the long awaited first appearance studio room record “True” by Avicii, comes the activity GRAVITY. And a powerful activity encounter, GRAVITY comes with an chance of true lovers and gamers to generate a game-exclusive Avicii mix.

Earn factors by maintaining your senses about you and gathering a wide range of trucks – in a certain purchase. Efficiently “chaining” a long purchase of trucks will allow higher benefits. You may also spend in-game forex (earned or bought) to open up long lasting collectables and restricted consumables.

Avicii songs you buy through the app will not only become available in your iTunes Collection, but also in the form of an optionally available soundtrack in the astonishing Level X. That way you can personalize your encounter while opening new content and competitive against gamers and Avicii lovers all over the world.